turning 21 + parents visiting

29 November 2015
First things first: I TURNED 21!!!!!!

My parents came down for the week to celebrate so Faiz & I just took them around Melbourne & other suburbs in Victoria, just to jalan-jalan. Its always nice to see & spend time with my parents, eating in copious amount (speaking of which - should be illegal) & sightseeing. 

Another thing I wanna point out, if you've notice I've made my photos on my blog slightly larger than they usually are. This is because I want to make the photographs as immersive as possible. But it comes with a catch, the photos taken in landscape & square mode are fitted nicely on the screen where-as those taken in portrait are a bit stretched out :(
 I'll try and take more photos in landscape mode to accomodate for this change. Hehe.

| ONE |
Days leading up to being 21

Couldn't resist this little fella for $20 from woolies. Hahahahah. Someone to keep Waffles company!

Graffiti at Fitzroy

Birthday eve at Lobster Cave 

Turned 21 with my special persons. Dinner at Rockpool

My pillars of strength. 
Wish my adik was here but she's busy with her final high school exams in KL :(




Before my birthday brunch with Faiz :D

Puns will be the death of me

Faiz's birthday gift :) 
I'm going skydiving!!!!!!!! Will post photos when I go! Can't wait!!!!!

How my parents bond with Faiz & I, by over-ordering.

Beautiful orchids delivery from Stephanie 

Pink roses delivery from Fiqah

| TWO |
Took my parents to Fitzroy & Collingwood. They've visited me in Melbourne loads of times but I've never taken them out to explore all the different suburbs so it was a nice change :) Usually they'd just be strolling around in the city.


Car park at Rose Market

Koko's Japanese teppanyaki.

My parents can never say no to Japanese teppanyaki. Its weird coz I eat everything & anything but my parents are really fussy & prefer to eat Malaysian food like nasi campur, kueh teow etc. We're one of those families that travel far away only to eat at a Malaysian restaurant.... Hahahaha. 
But I love them all the same.

Had sooooooo much to eat, Faiz and I ended up eating 3/4 of it. 

| FOUR |
Chadstone. Parents wanted to check out one of the biggest malls in Victoria. I reluctantly agreed because we have malls everywhere in Malaysia but its okay lah, its their trip so whatever makes them happy :P 

Food truck fiesta

| FIVE |
South Melbourne 
I've been in Melbourne for over 2 years now & I'm ashamed to say it was my first time frequenting South Melbourne Market.... I've been to the cafes & shopped in the area but never to the actual market. Its actually so reminiscent of Queen Victoria Market & equally as vibrant. 

Giddiup's pastel facade

Waiting for my parents outside the store


They sell literally everything at the market. From fruits...

To soaps..

To flowers..

You can even do your nails!

My favourite men!!!! 
I love how well they get along :) I would be accompanying my mom with her shopping & my dad would almost always ask Faiz to accompany him! They'd be talking about cars & work & make jokes behind my back. Hahahaha.



Probably telling my mom & I to hurry up coz we're slow walkers LOL

Left South Melbourne and we're off to the Dandenong Ranges!!!

| SIX |
Dandenong Ranges. Drove to Sky High to bask in the view & had a cuppa or 2 with cake. 
One of my favourite drives in Victoria. So easy to lose yourself in the endless bouts of trees. 

We're hereeeeeee! Sky high.

HAhahahaha I find this so cute

"halo r u der"

Our awesome driver for the day!!! My parents don't trust my driving hahahah.

Asking my mom to get in the photo but she shy

But my dad say why u shy


My ibu

No shortage of greenery at Sky High

Whats that face -_-

Looks serenely magical

Dunno how my mom's so fair

Dimpleeee. I love that dimple :)

Captured the smoke vapours at the right time

We spent a really long time up here just sitting & people-watching. It was nice :)

Obligatory shot with the chair!

90% of the photos here are taken with my new point & shoot camera - 
Ricoh GR II. 

I've got my fujifilm XT-1 for bokeh & shallow depth of field photos & my iPhone for everyday photography. I grew a profound distaste for the iPhone's photo quality. I felt like it was very restrictive - which made me sought out for a point & shoot camera and so I was on the hunt. I was contemplating between Sony RX100 IV, Fujifilm X100T and the Ricoh GR II for months. I was really drawn to the Ricoh due to its small size & huge sensors. 

I've been yearning to experiment with street photography for ages & the Ricoh allows me to do just that. 

It's a brilliant little gadget. The Ricoh's got the same APS-C sensor as the XT-1 & as a result, the photos are tact sharp (when its in focus) & the usability/ergonomics is just wonderful.
 Feels just right in my hand. 

I take my photos in RAW & process it in Lightroom. The colours of my photographs are a little different because I've been playing around with slide film emulation. No words can describe how much I just adore slide films. The colours are energetic & electrifying. A nice change since I've always been afraid of making my photos overly saturated. The slide film emulation does a really nice balance in colours so I'm really pleased with how the photos turned out.

Ever since I got the camera, I rarely take photos with my iPhone & I'm not complaining one bit! I love the idea of capturing memories with a proper camera.
 There's a sort of a nostalgic sentiment to it. 

I'll be posting again in the next day or 2 :) 
 I hope all of you are happy & smiling, wherever you are. 

PS/ I just got Adele's new album 25 & IT IS THE BOMBDOTCOM. 
My current favourite song from her album: 'All I Ask' 

PPS/ I've also decided to create an email for this blog
 just in case anyone wants to contact me (or just plain banter) hehehe.
Email: sara@sarasuhaili.com 


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