turning 21 + parents visiting

29 November 2015
First things first: I TURNED 21!!!!!!

My parents came down for the week to celebrate so Faiz & I just took them around Melbourne & other suburbs in Victoria, just to jalan-jalan. Its always nice to see & spend time with my parents, eating in copious amount (speaking of which - should be illegal) & sightseeing. 

Another thing I wanna point out, if you've notice I've made my photos on my blog slightly larger than they usually are. This is because I want to make the photographs as immersive as possible. But it comes with a catch, the photos taken in landscape & square mode are fitted nicely on the screen where-as those taken in portrait are a bit stretched out :(
 I'll try and take more photos in landscape mode to accomodate for this change. Hehe.

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Days leading up to being 21


28 November 2015
This post is precisely 28 days late but no matter - it's here now :P 
Trying to get back into the flow of things and update more. I also got a new point & shoot camera. Been experimenting with slide film colours too. Buuuut..
More on that on the next post.

Anyway, its been about 2 to 3 weeks now since I deleted instagram & snapchat.. I still have facebook & twitter but I'm rarely on it!

The reasons are as follows: 
Disconnect to reconnect.

Its not my first time regaining control - I did something similar when I was in high school and I didn't have facebook (my equivalent of instagram then) for 4 years. I remembered how nice it was then to just disconnect & not be fussed with being peeping toms. 

What peeved me the most was this sudden self-realization that I was spending countless of hours every day scrolling through instagram & going through other people's snapchat but,
what was I gaining from it? 

Other than being an insufferable peeping tom, it did not benefit me or made my day more productive or more happy. I was just aimlessly wasting precious time. A form of distraction that didn't reap any form of gains, mentally or emotionally whatsoever.

If I was reading a book, watching a TV show or film - what I gained after was a plethora of different stories in different forms. It peeved me that my favourite activity (i.e. scrolling) was no way in form beneficial.

This was the mental trigger that led to me deleting 2 of my favourite social media platforms.

As a result...

I've gotten more shit done (no distractions = less time spent procrastinating),
I'm rarely on my phone scrolling endlessly, I've got a proper attention span now.. Started reading again & finished 6 books in the last week. I pay more attention during conversations.. 

I enjoy moments instead of focusing on 'what to upload' or 'whats #instaworthy' or 'what makes my feed more uniformed'. I've actually forgotten to enjoy being in the present & I'm not sure whether I'm more ashamed or more sad to admit that. 

Ok so maybe the way I dealt with things were a bit extreme - deleting everything cold turkey is hardly calling it mild. But extreme measures must be taken for an extreme person. 
I don't blame social media at all, if anything one should utilise it coz it is filled with an abundance of opportunities - the blame goes to my lack of self control. 

This is my own way of taking control of certain elements in my life & my refusal to be bound to something intangible & in limbo. 

All that matters is that I'm sooooooooo much happier & liberated from all the social media policies that govern us, one way or another. I'm not suggesting for you to delete everything like I did.
I'm simply stating the methods that work for me and the things I've done to make me a more fulfilled person. 

On a really really brighter note, 
I'll be updating my blog with more posts!!! This will be my sole medium for photo journalling. So I'm really, really excited for all of this to manifest :)

Enjoy - this is the month of October.

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My feeble attempt at being healthy. Don't let the greens fool you. 
I always snack like mad after.. 

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