29 October 2015
| one
iPhone 6s in ROSE GOLD.

iPhone. Rose Gold. Pink. My favourite colour... 
This year was a bit different, the past 2 years (iPhone 5s & iPhone 6 plus) I went and queued up for it at the store but this time I pre-ordered it online. I've never ordered phones online coz 
1) I don't have the patience
2) I don't have the patience
3) I don't have the patience

But this time I persevered and waited 2 weeks!!! I dunno if I wanna do it again though. I was SOOOO restless on the day it was meant to arrive. Kept checking the tracking number to see if its 'out for delivery' and pacing about the house. 


 I always get phone with the largest gb capacity (in this case 128 gb) coz I take I SHIT YOU NOT a million photos and I hoard apps!!! Maybe I should do a post on that hehehee.
I don't know if you guys remember but my first iPhone 6 was a plus then after 7 months I switched over to the smaller 6. I had a lot of issues with the size that I tried getting used to but alas, I couldn't. It could never fit in all my small bags so I had to carry it around with my hand all the time. And whenever I'm scrolling in bed, my grip would always somehow loosen, so whenever it fell on my face it was damn PAINFUL lah!!!!! I remembered this frustrating me the most - not being able to play with my phone with both hands.

I LIKE TO MULTITASK OK. (Even though I'm not very good at it)

Another thing, I am stupid clumsy so having such a huge phone isn't really an ideal situation. So far I'm pretty happy with the 6! I don't really use the big screen for games anyway and I always feel like when you browse through instagram photos with the plus, it isn't as clear in a sense that the photos feel enlarged. Maybe its just me since I'm pretty paranoid with pixels. 

Even when I'm scrolling through blogs and it's not as HD as I'd like it to be.. The only thing thats going through in my mind is 'please fix it!!!!'

 if you're using blogger as a medium and you feel like your photos aren't as clear.. Click on the HTML link on your compose post page then press [command] + [f] (for mac) and search for "s320" or "s400" & change it to "s1600"! TADAAAA. Max resolution for your photos.
Your welcome hehehe.

Lol iPhone banter turned into resolution...

| two |
STEPH'S weekend visit ◦ ROOFTOP bar ◦ AXIL coffee roasters ◦ BABA sus

View of the city!!! I live for blue, sunny days.


I spy red velvet pancakes! I really enjoyed Steph's cauliflower salad with hummus - really refreshing & light! Hmmmm. Actually come to think of it I never ever ever order a salad or something like porridge, muesli etc when I'm out having brunch or at a restaurant. Maybe its preference or something lah but I always see eating out as a special treat so I will always order the most unhealthy thing on the menu. Hahahah. #shitgreedygirlssay #makemyselffeelbetter

Trying to take a nice photo...

Steph laughing at something I said. I told Faiz to take our photo then I said
"Take nice-nice ok! I trained you for this!!!!" Hahahahhaha. Jokingly of course. Or am I......


You say there are other fishes in the sea but I say "fuck the fishes, you're my sea."

Always have her best interest at heart - from day 1.

Steph perfecting the Asian Squat hahahahahahahah

#squadgoals #doitforthegram 

Waffles lying down next to Steph's luggage. My heart always swells whenever I see cats on their back. It means they feel 100% safe and comfortable with you coz they're in a very vulnerable position. It is the utmost kitty honour!!!!! Thanks FlesFles, love u too.

Got a soft spot for cafes with lots of natural light. 
Natural light = nice food pics

I had the scotch eggs with mashed peas, Faiz had the wagyu burger, Steph pulled meat sandwich & we shared the matcha egg waffle in the middle. 

I go from lady-like to along (loan shark) realllll quick.

White, clean tiles

| three |
SINGAPURA festival, FED Square

Scavenged for food with Champs!! 

| four |
NAUGHTY boy with Caren & Sandra

OK sorry I have to put this out there. We went to this cafe on a Saturday and by the time we got there, there was already a line. Not unusual for a popular cafe so we didn't really mind. What peeved me the most was waiting for almost 2 hours JUST for our milkshakes & food. The milkshakes were undeniably visually on point but lacked sooooooo much in terms of taste and flavour. I dunno if its coz I had high expectations or what lah but I remembered feeling super disappointed!!! Not worth the 1 hour plus wait at all -_- Anyway the food made up for it I guess... 

Our aesthetically pleasing milkshakes 

The yellow shake on the left basically tasted like banana smoothie & the chocolate one just tasted chocolatey. No wow factor.

Red velvet pancakes, falafel balls & a moroccan platter (my fav!!). I love Mediterranean flavours nom nom nom.  

I think I've got that jumping pose down pat hahahaha. After falling on your face & bum after 38947183 times, you're bound to pick things up! :P

Pretty scenic huh.... Wouldn't guess that it's next to a.... freaking.... cemetery. 

| five |
MEXICAN fiesta ◦ MOVIDA next door

Went to the Mexican fiesta with Faiz since it was a really nice day & we were craving for Mexican food. But we underestimated the number of people who would show up and trust me when I say.. 
Its a lot. 
Could barely move and the line for the stalls took forever so we just strolled from one end to another, conceded defeat then went to have Spanish tapas instead at Movida.

Unintentionally blue.

Actually glad we gave up with the crowd & came here!!! Food was quick and really flavourful. I remembered ordering 3 lemon lime bitters lol.

The restaurant's conveniently located on a grafitti lane so it was nice stroll taking photos and appreciating the artwork.

Lots of people taking photos and 

Food + adventure buddy

| six |

A restaurant that serves deeeelicious Asian food (almost reminiscent of Malaysian dishes)!!! Love the service, the decor - everything!

The beautiful interiors. Felt like we were dining under stars, hehe.

Couple date night is the best night!!! 3 hour dinner spent talking about life, tv shows and board games.

Dessert platter. Pandan ice-cream HNNNGGGG

Smile properly can or not -_- ............... 

| seven |
HAINAN chicken rice ◦ BIBELOT cakes 

Chicken rice fix in South Melbourne. HMMMMM. 
Chicken rice is pretty mediocre but the curry puffs there.... 

Cake fix!! Managed by one of the more popular cafes, Chez Dre & they offer loads of different cakes, gelatos, macaron etc.

Inside this is the most RICH iced chocolate EVER with a scoop of chocolate gelato!!!

Iced matcha with matcha gelato

| eight |
FAIRFIELD boat house with BELLA

Spontaneous adventure together rowing boats. I've known Bella since I was 6 when we were in Sutera Harbour's kiddies club while our parents were golfing. She is undoubtedly the person who I am most comfortable with, can talk about anything & let my guard down 100%. I definitely love and cherish her since we don't have to talk everyday to solidify a friendship that's already cemented. Anyway luv u loads tambawow!!! Thanks 4 being a star in my life.

BAnanaaaas, my favourite fruit on my favourite gal 


Just a show of how different our styles are


A+++ day!!!

| nine |
FITZROY ◦ SHZE visiting ◦ ROSE market ◦ SU(MING)² 


I love the Rose Market!!! Talented artists making me feel inadequate af 

You know you've near the market when you see this guy right here. He's there every weekend rain or shine WITHOUT FAIL.






| ten |
ROYAL melbourne show

I need to put this out there - 

This one turned out to be a carnival that happens every year. It was my first RMS so I was damn excited to go on the rides and play games and eat stall food and watch fireworks!!!! I'm fervently typing this on my keyboard I think its gonna break halp.

First thing I saw when I got past the entrance. Things that went through my head:
3) ......ok wheres everyone 
4) pls halp MY FRIENDS R LOST

The thing about taking photos of everything is that ur friends start getting real fed up with ur shit and therefore leave u on ur own to rot n die. 

Perfect weather too!!! Saw Bella's snaps when she went and it was so gloomy and cold #fhl.

NUTELLA DOUGHNUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
If theres anything I love more than carnivals (or life) (or breathing), its nutella.

Ferris wheel!!!! We didn't get on it though coz we didn't wanna spend money on something so slow and stationary. WE ARE THRILL SEEKERS WE ARE

where am i

EUROSLIDEEEE! My friends + Faiz went on but I didn't coz headache from the previous ride and I was wearing a dress lolol.

That ride on the left, The Hangover, killed me 

Fireworks at the end of the night. It was really long too!! There was music playing simultaneously and I think 5-7 songs were played before it came to a halt. So generous. Back home in Malaysia probably 3-5 minutes tops (and I'm being generous).

All in all, fantasssstic day with friends, great weather, great food! Can't wait for next years! 
Next time I wanna go earlier and pet the animals. 
I apologize to all the pets I haven't petted, I'll be there soon.

| eleven |
EVERYTHING else and more

Badminton with Faiz and his uni friends. Always a fun way to break a sweat

SO WHAT IF MY CAT IS FAT, SO WHAT!!!!!! She is very much loved and happy and content! 

Whatever our souls are made of, his & mine are the same

Favourite lunch in uni. Okonomiyaki & genmaicha green tea

Tsubu - Lunch fix in uni

Nasi lemak and teh tarik. Malaysian staples.
Seriously can't wait to be home and stuff my face with all the foooooood and die happily from a food coma

Fish and chips

:D :D :D :D 

Waffles on her favourite spot

Common Galaxia 



Wonderbao!!! Where I go when I'm craving for egg custard buns. I will always have a soft spot for egg anything. Salted egg yolk, egg custard, salted egg custard HNGGG

Used 3 week old bananas that were borderline rotten to make banana bread. Also threw in some slivered almonds and chocolate buttons!

Laksa Sarawak - It was meh

& that's it for SEPTEMBER!!! October's coming to an end soon & it was nowhere as eventful as August & September.. Other than finishing BBG & blogging. I had shit tons of assignments and essays to write. I'll have to edit the photos but I should be able to upload the October post on the 31st of this month.

I hope all of you are well, happy and smiling. 
Sending you guys loads of looooove and hugs wherever you all are. 

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