08 October 2015
Pretty eventful (hence the 100+ photos) month...
Last month of semester 1, flew back home for winter break to spend Ramadhan + eid with the fam bam & visited my best friend in Singapore.
Without further ado..


Obligatory last brunch of the sem with my KK peeps.

Brunch at 5 Lire

The besssst cookies and milk from the Grain Store


My very pink room in Mont Kiara + Hafiz watching ultraman. 

My 2 boys!!!

Neon the flufflemaster

Break fast for 1 :) Always get spoiled silly with food whenever I'm home

Drinks & chats with Esme

Buka puasa = the ultimate feed

Went to the bazaar Ramadhan & bought my 2 fav food for break fast, apam balik (the soft one not the crunchy sort) and bontot ayam. 
Bontot ayam is very much a KK delicacy
 and was genuinely surprised to find one of the stalls selling this fatty beauty!!

Neon plotting his escape

Went for a few EMS sessions hehe

What I'm excited for the most when I'm home;
dinner and long talks with my ayah.

Went to this quaint little retreat for dinner. Can't remember the name, all I could remember was going  "BUFFEEEEET!!!!!!" 

Post-facial selfie. One thing I wanna note, I was pretty shocked when I found out facials in Melbourne aren't inclusive of extractions?!?! Its funny coz I alway associate facials with extractions and pain and lots of tears but always feeling 100 after all the trouble.
 Anyway, I go pretty crazy whenever I'm back and book appointments every 2 weeks or so.

Dinner at Fuego with Adilla

My pavlova is on fiyaaahhhhh

I don't even know why I bother buying tote bags, they're my least favourite... 
I prefer bags that I can sling over/on my shoulder.

Waffles is such a derpy character hahahaha

Case in point #1.

Case in point #2.



My best friend that I grew close with during Trinity College in '13.
We would literally spend EVERY.WAKING.DAY. with each other eating, watching movies, shopping etc. We were in Sydney briefly together too then I went back to Melbourne & she went to London.
I miss her all the time so decided to visit her for a weekend hehe.

Truffled fries & miso cod

Her chow chow, Yakitori 

How strong is this sashimi game thooooo

Reminds me sooooo much of my childhood


Hi uncle, long time no see ah

Wagyu and foie gras donburi


Mom's hometown for eid! Got to see my hectic cousins & cute grandparents.

My camera-shy grandmother

Pak nek. Always camera ready

First day of Raya 

2nd day of Raya: baju kedah

With my ayah

Cat at one of the relatives' houses

3rd day

Oldest cousin in the family, Kak Ena


Selfie-crazed ayah & ibu

"what is this? a burger for ants?"

Last dinner at Marble 8 before I fly back to Melbourne

My hardest goodbye :( 

Got to see my high school best friend, Melinda on my last night in KL!!!!
Sucks how our uni holidays aren't coordinated so it is a bit tough for us to meet :( 
She always has a special place in my heart!!

Brunch @ Red Beanbag 

Sorry about the overdue post!!! 
I've still got august & september to do!
Hopefully try and upload in the next few days. 

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