23 October 2015
Wow, 4th post in a month! I am on a roll!!!! Hahaha. I'm only updating so much coz I'm procrastinating with my last couple of essays for uni. I should teach a masterclass in 'procrastiblogging' or procrastinating full-stop.
Can't believe I'm done with week 12 & the first half of my degree.. 1.5 more years & I'll be done for good. How time flies huh. 

Anyway.. I've been getting the most wonderful input from family & friends alike in regards to my last post. I really do feel the immense love & support. I could never thank you guys enough. Truly.
It wasn't easy, talking about the things that I've fiercely protected. When I sent the first draft to my best friend, Bella - she was taken aback. For me to talk about something so personal & intimate was one thing, but to publicise an issue that had a profound impact on me to complete strangers was another. 

It didn't hinder my efforts, however. I felt it was about time I challenged these stigmas & make it okay to talk about these issues. It doesn't make you weak, or shallow, or vain - it just makes you human. We're always comparing ourselves with one another - our chapter to someone else's finished book. That sole act alone isn't fair. We then have to attain & carry out these unrealistic & impossible expectations. Everyone moves at a different pace. Just have faith and patience; you will get there. 

Enough banter, here are my photos for August. Fresh from winter break. First month of Year 2!!! Ok just realised this post is 12 weeks overdue -_- Sorry!!!

View on the morning I landed Melbourne. Remembered how freezing it was on the balcony when I took this photo. 5 DEGREES

One of our traditions together. I'm always excited for the start of semesters! I get to do some serious scavenging :) Faiz always hides letters around the house towards the end of each sem. A letter reflecting the past 6 months together. 

COMPLETE 5 IN MELBOURNE!!!! Kim just came back from exchange & the semester before Bella was on exchange. My heart always swell at the thought of us 5 together again.

A veeeery important night. The night Kim & I decided to do BBG together & write up the contract. Hahahahaha. I'm glad I had this moment immortalised. 

YAY! Additional 300gb from Telstra so now I have 500gb a month!! STREAM NETFLIX ALL DAY. Can you believe a single episode & movie in HD takes about 1-2gb in data? Before I got the extra data, Faiz and I would have to be extra careful with what we wanted to watch. 
'Don't pandai-pandai choose shitty shows ah'

Yummy bowl of pho to keep ourselves warm during winter.

Took Choir 2 for my breadth this sem. Pretty cool - we were singing ancient classical songs in latin, german etc.


Steak sandwich @ Top Paddock. Succulent steak & melts in your mouth hehehe.


Top Paddock

Chirashi-don at Komeyui! 
Faiz & I greedy as usual. Ordered a main for ourselves & an uni-don to share.

All the different kinds of sashimi got aburi-ed (caramelised in mayo). 


How faiz eats ice-cream. Like a kid hahahha

Fooling around in Kim's apartment lift

*ring ring* 

HAPPY 21ST KIM!!!!! 

Cleaned my apartment

I wish there were more pink items laying around. 

Bella's blue hurrrr. Every time I see her - her hair changes colour. Blue, to pink, to purple, then back to blue again.. Hahahaha. 

Proper one before all hell broke loose.


What I whipped out for Kim's birthday dinner. Went to Magic Mountain Salon & stayed there for about 5-6 hours.... We will never run out of things to talk about!


Sorry all I hear are those crumbed cheese sticks calling out my name.

Food after food. Typical...

Struggling dot com

With my KK gals!!!! Most important girls to me in Melbourne + Dee.

Chicken & Waffles with a side of maple syrup. Pretty interesting combo. I love chicken so I don't really care how its prepared.


With Champs & Faiz, on one of our pit stops

Asian squat

The view from our apartment

Clear blue skies!!!! Perfect weather for skiing!

Waiting for the snow taxi

My favourite photo of us of all time

With the girls :) Caren, Kelly, Sandra & Soojin.

Walked around the resort on our last day.

Had a crazy good time in the mountain with my friends!!! Thinking of making it a yearly thing. Heheheh.

Cafes in one of the lanes

Went crazy at Lush & hoarded bath bombs hahahaha.

Waffles R U OK !!!

SPOTTED: Elf in uni. 
I don't think I've mentioned this but I love how the gals & I are studying in the same uni. All of us are in different bachelor courses too. Bella & I are in Arts, Medina in Environments, Kara in Science & Kim's in Commerce. 
Anyway, its really convenient for us to grab lunches & study together! Good fun.

One of my favourite lunch spots in uni, Tsubu

Sleeping waffles

Got to see Troiboy!!!

| Singapore Grand Jubilee Ball |

Got a table with the people I went skiing with the week before. Wanted to support my friends who were organising it!! It was really well organised & thoroughly entertaining. Got to see that hilarious tranny(median) lol, Kumar doing a stand up! 

Fell in love with this Carla Zampatti dress. Australian designers make me drooool

With my date :) All dappered up.

Look at my face when Faiz is about to MESS UP MY FREAKING HAIR!!! Usually I let him coz I cbf but I spent HOURS doing it!! Mid-length hair is pretty difficult to style. Before when I had long hair I would just quickly curl it then leave the house. Now if I curl it I look like an aunty hahaha.


Beatriceeeee. Faiz's housemate's beautiful gf!! Love that dress.

My favourite - nose kisses. 

Arm ootd. Hahahaha.

I love how Waffles loooooves to sleep on people. She refuses to sleep on anything else if there's a human couch around.

Completed the first 4 weeks of BBG!!!! (I just finished the last exercise of week 12 yesterday 22.10.2015) so I'm a happy chappy!

Tater tots waffles & egg

Asian crunchy salad with instant noodles for texture & asian vinaigrette dressing

Bought a hotpot stove so I've been having hotpot at home! 

South Yarra train line

When days in uni are so beautiful - it takes my breath away

Pink buildings on Lonsdale. st

Chickpea salad with sweet potato

Brunch at Tall Timber. I had the roasted pumpkin bruschetta!!! I love roasted pumpkin. LOVE.


The interiors

The amount of online shopping I do when I have essays due make me so blue :( 
The last few times I had assignments, I wounded up buying ridiculous things like a waffle maker, sleeping masks, skincare I don't need, coffee scrubs... 

I really really can't sleep without a sleeping mask. I've tried & it always leaves me so flustered when I see light penetrating my eye sockets!!! Coz I must sleep in complete darkness. Sleeping masks are so convenient too. Can fall asleep easier on planes, car rides etc.

Delivery for Frank. 
Still can't beat the original!! After trying coffee scrubs, I find all the other scrubs on the market redundant & less effective -_- THE SMELL IS A BONUS TOO!! 

Watching Extreme Cheapskate on youtube with Kara!


My friend, Gab said something so damn funny the other day. When he met Waffles hes said,
"That is not a cat!!! That is a turkey!"

Esme's 20th birthday dinner at Rare Steakhouse


Smiles all around =) 

August was a great month. 

Faiz & I got matching Cartier Love bracelets. I've always wanted to get one with my significant other. I guess I'm just a little sentimental that way. I'm glad I got it with Faiz, I can't imagine anyone else I'd get it with.

I'll always remember August as the month I commenced my journey for self-love.
Celebrated my girlfriend's birthdays, tried new brunch spots, went skiing.. 

Will attempt to be on time & upload September & October! 
Gonna attempt a new record - 6 posts in 1 month.

Till next time!!!


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