29 October 2015
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iPhone 6s in ROSE GOLD.

iPhone. Rose Gold. Pink. My favourite colour... 
This year was a bit different, the past 2 years (iPhone 5s & iPhone 6 plus) I went and queued up for it at the store but this time I pre-ordered it online. I've never ordered phones online coz 
1) I don't have the patience
2) I don't have the patience
3) I don't have the patience

But this time I persevered and waited 2 weeks!!! I dunno if I wanna do it again though. I was SOOOO restless on the day it was meant to arrive. Kept checking the tracking number to see if its 'out for delivery' and pacing about the house. 



23 October 2015
Wow, 4th post in a month! I am on a roll!!!! Hahaha. I'm only updating so much coz I'm procrastinating with my last couple of essays for uni. I should teach a masterclass in 'procrastiblogging' or procrastinating full-stop.
Can't believe I'm done with week 12 & the first half of my degree.. 1.5 more years & I'll be done for good. How time flies huh. 

Anyway.. I've been getting the most wonderful input from family & friends alike in regards to my last post. I really do feel the immense love & support. I could never thank you guys enough. Truly.
It wasn't easy, talking about the things that I've fiercely protected. When I sent the first draft to my best friend, Bella - she was taken aback. For me to talk about something so personal & intimate was one thing, but to publicise an issue that had a profound impact on me to complete strangers was another. 

It didn't hinder my efforts, however. I felt it was about time I challenged these stigmas & make it okay to talk about these issues. It doesn't make you weak, or shallow, or vain - it just makes you human. We're always comparing ourselves with one another - our chapter to someone else's finished book. That sole act alone isn't fair. We then have to attain & carry out these unrealistic & impossible expectations. Everyone moves at a different pace. Just have faith and patience; you will get there. 

Enough banter, here are my photos for August. Fresh from winter break. First month of Year 2!!! Ok just realised this post is 12 weeks overdue -_- Sorry!!!

View on the morning I landed Melbourne. Remembered how freezing it was on the balcony when I took this photo. 5 DEGREES

how do you escape a battle that’s in your head?

21 October 2015

This seems out of the ordinary, a blog post under the label ‘purely text’. But I feel like I wouldn’t be doing myself justice if I suppressed this. Anyway, here goes…

For the longest time I struggled with my weight. 

I would subconsciously pinch areas underneath my arms, my legs, my chin & if I found that I’ve grabbed ahold of more flesh than usual, it would effectively put me in a bad mood.
Then the thoughts came after, in deafening waves. 
“You’ve gained weight.”
“How could you have let this happened.”
“You shouldn’t have ordered so much.” 
“Why are you so greedy.”

whenever I have a camera in my hand..

18 October 2015
.. I always fail to tell my stories in words.

Thanks to a little feedback from friends (actually, just one in particular - HI JEN!),
I've changed my blog's posts to a more convenient ~continue reading~ page break. To increase clickability and to facilitate ease in browsing through my previous posts.
So hopefully this little setting will improve everyone's browsing experience :)

Trying to regurgitate photos from my fuji as fast as possible so I can make way for the month of August + September. 

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08 October 2015
Pretty eventful (hence the 100+ photos) month...
Last month of semester 1, flew back home for winter break to spend Ramadhan + eid with the fam bam & visited my best friend in Singapore.
Without further ado..


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