23 August 2015
My cousin turns fully legal!!!!! 
Lots of love and hugs and kisses for this one. 
So psyched to call her family <3 

Colourful souls

Dat pink squad game

alien theme

| FAIZ'S 24TH |

Birthday dinner at Yu-U

2nd birthday celebration @ Red Spice Road

Just 1 more hehehe

3rd celebration @ La Luna

Dessert platter yummmmm

Walking to crown

Date night 

Italian foooooood, yummo hehehe

Whatcha doin under there fattyfles? 
'keeping warm, mom... jeeeeez'

Caren's birthday dinner!!!! <3 

Walked to Shrine of Remembrance with Faiz


Badminton with Faiz and his uni friends

Such a nice day for a stroll

Sunset overlooking the city


What I always wake up to

Chicken parma fit for a family .....

Hotpot at home with my buddies

One of my closest friends in Melb, Champs!!!! 

Matte black

Ling, Jan & Faiz

Ling's cool case heheh

The best hot chocolate. With campfire smoke, roasted marshmallow and black salt


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