a little late (march)

16 June 2015

Post exams have been amazing. Got a new template for my blog, saw Lion King the Musical.. 
I've got so much free time on my hands now hehe.

I didn't know why I thought it was a good idea to browse through my Photos app today; 
only to realise I haven't uploaded any SUBSTANTIAL photos from March - May?!?!?
I guess I'll be spending the next few days catching up on my posts.

The post is divided by photos taken with my Fujifilm XT-1 & my iPhone.
So you'll definitely see a decline in quality..

Here's the post for March.

Made pancakes with layered berries and nutella, 
with a side of caramelised peaches & whipped cream

My attempt at fish tacos - 
pickled cabbages, coriander with spicy chilli mayo

Baked apple crisp (similar to apple crumble) with custard & whipped cream

Pulled beef sandwich

Crumble and spiced apples on waffles


One of my most favourite markets to frequent!!!
 I love buying my scented soy candles from here & browsing through all of the artists' creations. 
Lovely people, lovely things


My first and last future! Sad to say that it was the last future event (ever) in Melbourne. 
I don't think they were making enough money but I had loads of fun regardless :)

With my cousin, dee

Gorgon City


Timmy trumpet

Tiny hanaichi


Dinner with Aunty Suzette

Nutty waffles

Market Lane coffee

Also cut my hair!!!! The shortest I've ever gone. 
I'm due for a trim actually. Can't believe its been almost 3 months!

Rose Market

Always a good time with my karbear

Shimbashi sobaaaa

Maming siblings. I look like a midget standing next to them :( 



That's it folks!!!!! 
Overdue April post coming up. 
Gonna spend then next few days being a book worm.  
Till then. 

Have a great one wherever you are. 


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