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04 April 2015
Woke up to great news! hits 200 thousand (!!!!!!!!)
Actually humbled since I never post about anything remotely substantial,
 just photos from bits of my life here & there.
I do consider this outlet more as an interactive photo journal than an actual conventional blog 
so you can imagine my excitement when it hits 200K. 

I am forever grateful that I have you guys to share it with, 
it may not be a lot but I can't say thank you enough.
So thank you for browsing through this personal blog of mine :) 


Got bored one day while I was doing my essay. So I started shooting things in my room.. 

I'm trying something new with the layout of my blog posts. 
I won't do much narration unless truly necessary so you can focus more on the photos :) 
Think of it like a photo journal of some sort. 

Hope you enjoy it!



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