i hope our story never ends

23 April 2015
Moments with my loveable companion

gals squared

19 April 2015
WAAAAAAAAY overdue post. 
Most of these were taken when I just came back to Melb from my summer break.
Here are some stills from spending time with the gals! 

room details

04 April 2015
Woke up to great news! 
sarasuhaili.com hits 200 thousand (!!!!!!!!)
Actually humbled since I never post about anything remotely substantial,
 just photos from bits of my life here & there.
I do consider this outlet more as an interactive photo journal than an actual conventional blog 
so you can imagine my excitement when it hits 200K. 

I am forever grateful that I have you guys to share it with, 
it may not be a lot but I can't say thank you enough.
So thank you for browsing through this personal blog of mine :) 

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