summer taste

18 March 2015
Just regurgitating the last batch of photos I have from over the summer. 
Went on an intensive food adventure with my buddy, Tariq. 
Had the likes of nyonya food & found love in Sangkaya's coconut ice-cream... 





A definite yes from me! Authentic nyonya food that sends your tastebuds into a frenzy.

Went to hunt from coffee after at Dr.Inc. 
Tried the unconventional variations of coffee like americano + lemon!??! 
Baristas were welcoming & knew what they were serving!

Coffee with lemon on the side. Too acidic for my liking but a good experience nevertheless 

My reflective sunnies' collection grew exponentially over the holidays

Popsicles but they were pretty gross & lacking in intensity

The richesssst chocolate cake I've ever had. From Trianon

Sangkaya's coconut ice-cream 
(So good I had 2 servings.... to myself)

Edlin got me a Lokai!!! Hehehe

Aiman, my cousin


En route to KLIA. C ya later, Malaysia 

Finally up to date! Just finishing up the edits for the photos that I took since I got back. 
Life's been good, its been eventful 

Will update again in the next day or 2! 

Have a good one, wherever you are 


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