melbourne uni's farmers market

27 March 2015
Checked out the farmers market in uni a week back with Faiz & Champs. 

summer taste

18 March 2015
Just regurgitating the last batch of photos I have from over the summer. 
Went on an intensive food adventure with my buddy, Tariq. 
Had the likes of nyonya food & found love in Sangkaya's coconut ice-cream... 

a new pair of eyes

10 March 2015
Its been too long!
 Got myself some new gear to play with over the summer.
To replace my previous Samsung NX300......
I got -

Really pleased with the camera + the image renderings :)

Anyhoot, enjoy!

The photos were taken when I was back in KL & KK for summer break. 
I cross-processed the edits with Lightroom 5.

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