dandenong & yarra valley

02 February 2015
 I think this is my FAVOURITE post yet!!!

Roadtripped to Dandenong & Yarra Valley with Faiz for our 1 year anniversary. 
It was nice getting away from the city! Nice little retreat 45 minutes away.

As I've reiterated several times, I love (with a capital L) surrounding myself with greenery! Thats why 9 times out of 10, I would opt for the park rather than the beach. 

Anyway, without further a do... 
Enjoy :) 

Dat bokeh tho

It was really nice getting away from the hustle & bustle that is Melbourne city.

My favourite in my favourite spot

Sculptures of aboriginals 


Not a single high rise building in sight

In the car, en route to Yarra Valley

Walking through a narrow gravel road.

Can't get over how stunning this is

After driving around for a while, we were famished so we searched on urbanspoon for good eats nearby. 
Anyway, this Afghan restaurant garnered 95% positive reviews on urbanspoon!??!! 
Faiz and I were naturally skeptical at first but after dining here, 
we could honestly say it is a perfect 10!

It is a massive restaurant but the treatment you get from the waiters were contradictory of its size. It felt so intimate, so welcoming. It was as if you were dining at an old friend's home. The owners were lovely and were inquisitive if your expectations of the food were met. We had more 6-7 dishes and I shit you not when I say I could not fault a SINGLE one. 

It was THAT good. 

I've had my fair share of restaurants and cafes but none of them could parallel the impeccability of Afghan Rahimi's service. 

Its approximately 30-40 minutes away from the city but I would make that trip in a heartbeat. 

Dumplings served in a traditional Afghan way. HNGGGGG

Best Afghan rice I've tried with candied carrots

I don't understand how they could make eggplant taste so freaking good?!?!?!?

Lamb meatballs

BEST MEAT SKEWERS EVER!!!!!!! So juicy and tender!
Salivating just looking at this

Chicken breast cooked with rosemary and garlic

Truffle pizza


Really really enjoyed this! I love the smell of lavender. It was nice looking at lavenders being dried! 

Bought a packet of lavender to bring back home!

Lavender shortbread cookies. Love the idea but not a fan of the taste!
Tasted like perfume infused shortbread cookies...

Don't be confused. I didn't forget the cafe's name or anything. It's literally called -
Brunch Cafe. Hahahaha. 
Was really amused by the name. 

Faiz took a picture of the resident fluffy chicken.. Hahahaha

Descended down from the Dandenong Ranges and drove to the valley! 
Went to go see the wineries & the chocolate factory.

Lovely weather for the valley!

Little cows

Cute! Spotted at the winery

Faiz got especially excited about this one. He loves chocolate more than I do! 

Chocolates, chocolates everywhere

Enjoying our hot chocolate and brownies with a view

The view

Hot chocolate with a whisk! Warm milk with milk chocolate buttons underneath. Could add more chocolate to your liking.

Super rich brownie


So nostalgic - came here on December 2013 with Faiz.
Felt a little sentimental coz Faiz & I had dinner here on the 11.12.13 when we got together :)

Went to Sky High during the day to take photos and enjoy the view!

Blue skies. If you squint your eyes hard enough you can spot Melbourne cbd

Best road trip buddy I could ever ask for :) 

Happy faces!!!

Obligatory shot at the Giant's chair

Prancing around Sky High

Around 8pm, went to Sky High again for dinner :) 

All white errrrthang

Joyeux anniversaire my love!!!! 


Tried kangaroo fillet for the first time - it was interesting..  

#throwback to 11.12.13 !!!!!! 

(8pm but its still bright out) 
Right where we were exactly a year ago. Where it all began. Hehe. 

I'm sorry it took me so long to blog about the trip. With that said, I had an amazing time.

I've never been so earnestly happy. 
Funny thing, I never thought I'd fall for someone like Faiz. 
He is calm & patient, a complete antithesis to my loud and extroverted interior.
There is comfort in where our differences overlap. 
There is solace in where our familiarities intertwine. 

One year down, many more to go. 


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