night noodle market 2014

26 December 2014
Went to the Night Noodle Market back in November and had an awesome time.
I'm such a sucker for foodie festivals, especially one with an amazing venue and vibes.
The food was amazing, huge portions (my favourite kind) and delectable flavours, nomnomnom.

I found about the market really late into the event so I could only manage to go the last few days.
Really, really can't wait next year!!!!
Was initially planning to stay for late lunch but we ended staying until it closed! Around 10 pm?

Enough chatter, enjoy!

 I had extra spare time on my hands so I organised the post from 
the start of the market till the end :)
 Spot the sunset at the end!

Optimus prime & ironman just chillin 

Cookie monster/ Elmo? Confuzzling times

I have yet to explore this part of Melbourne. Seems like such a nice route to take a stroll

On my way to 50 food stalls!!!!!!!

Decided to go on such a nice day too! Not a cloud in the sky.

First thing I saw entering the market. 
I love the juxtaposition between the greenery and the city.
 Love. Love.

Korean chicken popcorn. CAN YOU EVEN RESIST?

Beef pho
 (don't make the same mistake I did, its pronounced 'furh' not 'fo')

Mini pancakes with sliced strawberries, maple syrup and icing sugar

Ready to feaaaast in 3...



Lantern lights eveeeerywhere

Case in point #2.

I love it when people just laze around on the grass

Food buddy!!!

Look at the makeshift tents!!!! 

Creme Bruleeeee. Not a fan but cart looked good 

Raw tuna & salmon tartare with ginger on rice. My favourite!!! 
I think this was Izakaya Den.

Look at all the smoke

Bridge connecting parts of the market

Using umbrellas as ceilings

Lying on the graaaass

Longest queue for a stall! Queued for over half an hour for chicken skewers.

Faiz trying to be melodramatic on the grass

Picnic vibeeee


Hello little birdies

On day 2, we went with Yuhan & Elle! Didn't take much photos of the food since we pretty much had the same thing

Awesome, awesome time at the market!! Can't wait for what next year's market will be like! 
Anyway, can't believe I'm blogging in 2 consecutive days... Just goes to show how much time I have back home. Not that I'm complaining, its nice not having anything to do once in a while. 

Have a good day wherever you are :) 

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