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25 December 2014
For the most of December, I was eating out almost everyday! Exploring new brunch cafes and new restaurants for dinner etc. 

Almost forgot how much I love taking photos of food. 
Enjoy :)

One of my favourite rooftop spots, overlooking Melbourne city!

Summer vibesssss

Spotted en route to the rooftop bar

Came here with my cousin Medina for some quality cousin time! Pancakes are to die forrrrrr. 

Pancakes with beetroot, vanilla bean mascarpone,
 sliced strawberries and maple syrup on the side 

The usual flat white

Praline crunch slice was amaaazzzzzing. I love anything praline!!!!! 

BEST. DUCK. SANDWICH. EVERRRRR. We went two days in a row!!! 

Green tea cheesecake

Faiz's response to "can you stand there and be a bit useful"

Came here for my first taste of freedom post-finals!

Chilli cheese fries

Wagyu burger was *insert thumbs up*!

One of my go to places in Melbourne for sticky date pudding. Good coffee & so near uni too!!

With my eating buddy 

We didn't over order, obviously

Took away some coffee for the final stretches of writing essays

Brunch with my KK buds! JJ & Kara. 
JJ & I were in the same primary school in KK, hehe. 

Ferraro roche's specialty affogato. 

Tried to blend in but to no avail....

Tropical waffles

Faiz's duck in a pan and my chilli scram

Beef ribs and mini burgers

There's a face on my latte

Fluffiest pancakes in Balaclava!

Met up with Faiz's sister, Ika for brunch.
 #shitfatgirlssay #shitfatgirlsagreeon :') #insidejokesfordays

Greedy bunch

JJ & Dee

Brunch with Kimmy, Kara & Faiz

Favourite place to go near uni!!! So quick and filling. 

Will definitely miss my favourite cafes / restaurants in Melbourne for summer!!!
But fret not, we'll be reunited again in February hehehehe.

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