night noodle market 2014

26 December 2014
Went to the Night Noodle Market back in November and had an awesome time.
I'm such a sucker for foodie festivals, especially one with an amazing venue and vibes.
The food was amazing, huge portions (my favourite kind) and delectable flavours, nomnomnom.

I found about the market really late into the event so I could only manage to go the last few days.
Really, really can't wait next year!!!!
Was initially planning to stay for late lunch but we ended staying until it closed! Around 10 pm?

Enough chatter, enjoy!

 I had extra spare time on my hands so I organised the post from 
the start of the market till the end :)
 Spot the sunset at the end!

end of melbourne chapter 2014

25 December 2014
This post is waaaaaaay overdue! I think I broke the record for longest hiatus yet. 
I've been so occupied spending my last few weeks in Melbourne with friends & Faiz. 
Nov/Dec was definitely significant - friends graduating, stereosonic '14, Faiz's graduation etc. 

Anyway, I'm back in KL for summer!! 
So I've got loads of time on my hands to update this little thing right here.

As always, don't have much to say so enjoy the pictures :) 

2nd year going to Stereo! 
Got to see the likes of Alesso, Steve Aoki, DVBSS, Deorro, Skrillex, Dash Berlin etc. 

forks & knives

For the most of December, I was eating out almost everyday! Exploring new brunch cafes and new restaurants for dinner etc. 

Almost forgot how much I love taking photos of food. 
Enjoy :)

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