turning 20

25 November 2014
The big 2-0! 
Officially celebrated my birthday in Melbourne for 2 years in a row. 
It was really, really, really, lovely.
 Always a nice time spending my special day with people I love and cherish. 
Turning 20 triggered a train of thoughts; 
each and every one of them humbling. 
So grateful for where I am in life, who I'm surrounded with and what I'm doing. 
So grateful for each and every person that walked into my colourful little life. 

Anyway, here's how I celebrated my 20th :)

Wore a lovely white laced Dolce dress on my last day as a teen!

With my favourite Malaysians & Singaporeans 

1st surprise of the day :)

Got surprised with my favourite cake & sparklers!!!!!

Turning 20 on the 18th

2nd surprise:
Got waken up at 7 am from a flower delivery. 
Steph, who's all the way in London sent me a bouquet of lilies & champagne :'(
(Hi, I miss you all day, everyday.)

Went for obligatory birthday brunch with the gals @ Lux Foundry. 
Only person missing was Bella :(

Thug lyfe with Dee

Wore the A.Wang x HM shirt dress throughout the day

After brunch, I had lunch with Ibu at Crown.
Was nice having her around but she left a few days later for KL :( 

Opted for Italian for lunch. Read in an article a few months back that the restaurant won an award for the best pizza in an international competition!


My favourite!! Truffle butter on pasta with sliced truffle on top.

Been wanting to go to Komeyui for a while now. A lightbulb lit up & Faiz suggested that we go to Komeyui for my 20th.. 
What better way to celebrate my birthday than to have my favourite cuisine with my favourite man? :) 

Outfit for dinner

Wagyu rump. Seared to perfection; twas so succulent & flavourful.

Unagi sushi

My favourite!!! Miso cod. 

Sashimi platter

Soft shell crab sushi

Wagyu tataki

Came home to another delivery by Shze who managed to get it delivered all the way from Sydney :'( 
Faiz also surprised me with a bouquet of 20 roses!
I've never felt more loved. 


It's crazy how I've been blogging on and off for 9 years now.
From my xanga days to tumblr to blogger. 
1 more year till I hit a decade on the bloggingsphere.

My 20th was simple and sweet; filled with tons of surprises along the way. 
Blessed with the presence of each and everyone of you :) 

Can't wait to head back to KL next month so I can have a belated celebration with my family. 

Lots of love, 
from a newly turned 20 Sara


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