pre-exam jitters

06 November 2014
As promised, here I am procrastinating... 
Heheh work load reduced significantly in the past couple of weeks. Wrote 2 essays for 2 of my subjects, 1 more essay for my Law in Society then I would've covered 3/4 subjects. Got a written exam next week then its summer holidays!!!!!! 
I am in absolute awe at how fast the semester flew by.

I'm not too excited for this month's weather though. November's predicted to be the hottest November ever in Melbourne for the last 30 years or something. Freaking insane, don't know how I'm going to survive that... I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Faiz & his housemate, Dez. 
I love how Snapchat added the 'Melbourne, Australia' stamp.

Funny story: 
I brought a blanket with me just in case it got cold. So after a while of waiting I went to the toilet. When I came back, I found a drunken man sleeping on the seat next to me, covering himself in my blanket.
HAHAHAHA. I couldn't find it in me to wake him up, he looked so snug. 

But fret not, we made use of his presence. 
PS/ I didn't keep the blanket after seeing some delectable drool marks. 

With the funniest bunch of Singaporeans ever!!! 
Lynn, Apple, Agnes & Beatrice. 

Breakdancers while waiting for the store to open its doors

Total damage... 

Faiz and I wanted to take a break from our normal park - walking around the city - movie routine. So for date day, we went to the JPG Exhibition! It was a rather spontaneous decision I think, we were on the tram heading to the Botanical Gardens when we spotted the NGV from the tram stop. 
Next thing you know, we're purchasing tickets for 2 to the exbibition.

Had loads of fun looking at JPG's designs and discussing with Faiz what we both liked about the exhibition. He particularly liked one of JPG's coats that was made entirely out of crocodile skin!!!!!
I really liked the velvet gown with crystals stitched onto it (picture below).

The rotating runway 

Kylie Minogue in one of JPG's dresses

My outfit for the day! (Giving abbreviations a break for a bit)

All smiles for date day at the museum.

The weather was perfect! Sunny, blue skies with a lovely temp. 

Park Dates w the Mr.

Needs no introduction - I love park dates, full stop. 

Wore my white fur vest for 2 days in a row. Love how warm it makes me!!!

In the tram, bored out of our minds

Tramming back, no seats so had to resort to sitting on the tram floor hahaha

How bokeh(full).

Slightly off the ground, hehe

Royal Exbihition building, location for my exams next week

Happy faces :)

How to annoy your boyfriend who's trying to take a picture hahahahaha

Love this dress!!! Outfit for park date #2.

Lace flairs on faux denim.

Technically not a park - State Library Lawn opposite Melbourne Central

Everything in between;

Paired my A.Wang sweater with my nike air max

Pink on green tones

My ultimate favourite green tea cookies!!!! 

Can spot Melb Uni's campus from my apartment's balcony hahaha

Waffles who refuses to lose weight.

Evidence #2.

Outfit for a looong library session 

Took this en route to uni

$10 book sales make my day

Watched the sunset on my balcony

Library outfit #2

Love the tones in this picture


Went for a quick lunch with Xy before the library

Toast with butter & preserves

Made full use of RMIT's doors

Craig treated Faiz and I to lunch at the Espresso Room

Was ransacking my brains out when I ran out of contacts. Thank god for Craig!!! 
Best optometrist in Melbourne, hands down. 

Deep in conversation

Asian escape in the city

Sunflower tees

That sums up my week thus far. Its been lovely as always!!!! 
Can't wait for exams to be over & done with & for holidays to commence. 
Freedom feels near, I can feel it. 

Things I've got planned for summer (so far):
1. Check off a few brunch places with the gals. 
3. Faiz's graduation on the 17th of December. 
4. Read. Read. Read. Read. I've got over 20 books I need to catch up on!!! 
5. Watch all the tv shows comprehensible to mankind.
6. Damn. Forgotten how much I love writing lists. 

Have an awesome day, wherever you are!

Lots of love from an excited Sara,

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