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23 October 2014
3 week hiatus. 
That's a new record. 
Life has been chaotic but eventful! These past few weeks were spent scrambling around preparing for my essays and catching up with friends. 

A bit baffled by the fact that it's week 12 for uni, next week is SWOTVAC then it's exams?!?! I've got 3 essays to write and 1 exam so I've got my hands full atm. 

running out of things to talk about so here are 3 weeks worth of updates in stills :) 

Shze paid me a visit last week for the weekend from Sydney! So was just spending the day with her and catching up. Why can't Melb-Syd just be a train ride away?!?!! 

"candid" photo

Made use of the leaves hehe

Had lots of fun pairing my outfit with stripes and denim :D 

Iced coffee

After lots of countless tries.... 

Hi Ping! Hi Shze!!!! 

Where we went for brunch

How the walk usually starts...

Then Faiz'll say something that makes me go like this.

It usually ends with me trying to hit him 
((although he is getting fairly decent at dodging my hits)

Nana's birthday dinner + grad photos:
Nana graduated with Masters of Business Law!!! First of the 'Kai Lans' to obtain a Masters degree.
Well done :)

Nana's 23rd birthday dinner at Guhng the other day

Some guy doing tricks with a massive ring 

Bouquet of flowers for Nana :)

FSU buddy!!! Love till I die.

~~~~Sending you goOod vibes~~~~


My favourite rows of trees at Carlton Gardens

Date day #1:
Faiz and I try to have 'Date Day' once a week. It usually consists of a movie, lunch + dinner & lots of walking around! 

Went to South of Johnston in Fitzroy for lunch.

Banana pancakes

Pineapple juice

Pancakes with berry compote and mascarpone

Faiz's beef ragout penne

Dream catchers

Massive terrarium

Faiz looks yellow.. Hahahah

Beautifully sunny day!

My attempt at a closeup portrait of Faiz

Faiz's attempt at a closeup portrait

Date Day #2:
A little bit of preface: 
Faiz loooooooves Hayao Miyazaki and all of the Studio Ghibli films. So granted he was a bit gutted when news broke Studio Ghibli would be shutting down for good.

Fast forward a few months later... 
The Studio Ghibli Showcase was in Melbourne for a limited time so I did the next best thing! I surprised Faiz with 3 Studio Ghibli movie tickets (My Neighbour Totoro, Grave of The Fireflies and The Tale of Princess Kaguya). 

So for Date Day #2, we had a Studio Ghibli movie marathon! :)

Aviators kinda day for the 2 of us 

Currently obsessed with my new aviators

Lunch at D.O.C.

My truffle pasta

Faiz's squid ink fusili

Faiz's decked out myki card

White assemble with hints of blue

Faiz & mine.
Same same but different... (hehehe)

Spotted at Market Lane during our midday coffee run

Bought a pink flower crown at the Vic Market

After our movie, we spotted a bookstore that had a sale going on. 
$6 books!!!
Faiz and I went absolutely nuts. I leaned more towards biographies and fiction, where-as Faiz leaned more towards scientific revelations etc. Very different tastes in book but no less refreshing :)

Went to laminate our movie tickets coz who knows when's the next time a cinema is gonna showcase Studio Ghibli films :) 

Faiz hard at work :P Hahah

The Studio Ghibli poster

Everything else... 

Denim top and white skirt

Day out with my ibu who's visiting from KL :)

Love love love this jumpsuit! So comfortable :)

Nadia! Taken at Jo's farewell hehe

Quick mirror shot before I run off to class

My first love, stripes :) 

Currently digging my all black python hybrid Nike Air Max :)

Had brunch with Praba who was visiting from Perth a couple of weeks ago

Baked triple chocolate chunk brownies! Came out perfect. 
Used Lindt's 70% cocoa base with white and milk chocolate chunks. 


Mint and blue assemble

Organised my jewellery platter

Current scent I'm obsessed with

Morning cuddles with Waffles

Gonna buy more books to fill these spaces up! Love book shopping.

Love this shot Faiz took of Xy and I

Made warm beef salad for dinner

:) I will never get bored of this

Wind tunnel. Shot during sunset

Glam toilet shot (naaaht)

There you go.  3 weeks worth of updates!
I don't think I'll be updating anytime soon what with 3 essays + an exam on the way. But who knows? Knowing me, I'll probably squeeze in a post or 2 to procrastinate. Hehe. 
I'll be all cooped up in the library until I finish everything so maybe I'll bump into one or two of you! 

I hope all of you are having the best of days, 
wherever you are. 

Lots of love from a very very very
 content + constantly hungry Sara,

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