where did the year go?

01 October 2014
Is it october already?!?!?! 
I can't believe last week was Week 9 of uni. 3 more weeks till exams & Summer holidays...
I can't make up my mind whether or not I'm relieved that September is over or excited that October's here. Indeed, September proved itself to be hectic, I was slaving over two 2000 word essays & two 1500 word essays.
At least I've got a few weeks to take a breather until my take home exams + exams commence in November. 

Weather has been splendid but erratic, beautiful & sunny during the day 
but plagued with windstorms & heavy rain at night.

here are this week's updates :)

Overdued! Taken during one of our tourist activities or, shall I say, touricvities :P 

Unni, scallop & salmon sashimi for $60

Went for brunch with Kara at South Yarra! Lovely cafe with the most charismatic waiters. 
Solid coffee & yummy food.  


Kara's cappuccino with extra cocoa powder

Avocado smash

Pancakes with berry compote

Beautiful Kara

How I look at my phone in the sun

Love this sorta stuff! Glucose for sugar & sodium for salt.

Favourite shot of the dessserts


Can I hazzz some?

Opted to sit outside since it was such a nice, sunny day
 (... or so we thought before the weather turned demonic)

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot

Pattern pants

Cake pops

Beetroot, strawberry, rose, vanilla

Caramel, chocolate & hazelnut choux

Raspberry, laurent perrier champagne, peach, lemon

What I had! Chocolate mousse with mandarin


I love going to parks. You know how people have that one place where they feel at peace & calm.. My place for that are parks. Especially one that's beautifully decorated with trees and greenery. 
Decided to ditch the city scenery for a change & went to the park with Faiz.

People canoodling under the shade

Love this shot of my happiness

Went to the GMB ball last friday with some Malaysian/Bruneians. 
Had a nice time dressing up & bantering with friends :)

With Faiz, Nana & Lucius

Bumped into my Sri Cempaka classmates from KL! :)

Beautiful chandeliers 

Everything else....
View from my apartment's balcony

Green tea soft serve

Waffle's awkward sitting position. So cute!!!!

Favourite guilty pleasure - mini oreos with milk

Faiz baked his insanely good Hokkaido Cheesecake the other day!

I baked blueberry muffins with cinnamon crumble :)

I've been fiddling with Lightroom a lot lately. My go to app to edit my photos. 
I've always been a fan of film (effects) so I've been doing my best trying to emulate film-y photos.
Hence the grainy photos!
So far I'm quite pleased but still lots of room for improvement. Heheh. 

Speaking of October, I'm super duper excited for the next few weeks! 
Shze's flying down from Sydney for the weekend on the 18th. FINALLYYYYY.

My days have been delightful, cheerful & merry. 
To many more untroubled days like these :)

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