wishful thinking

23 October 2014
3 week hiatus. 
That's a new record. 
Life has been chaotic but eventful! These past few weeks were spent scrambling around preparing for my essays and catching up with friends. 

A bit baffled by the fact that it's week 12 for uni, next week is SWOTVAC then it's exams?!?! I've got 3 essays to write and 1 exam so I've got my hands full atm. 

running out of things to talk about so here are 3 weeks worth of updates in stills :) 

Shze paid me a visit last week for the weekend from Sydney! So was just spending the day with her and catching up. Why can't Melb-Syd just be a train ride away?!?!! 

where did the year go?

01 October 2014
Is it october already?!?!?! 
I can't believe last week was Week 9 of uni. 3 more weeks till exams & Summer holidays...
I can't make up my mind whether or not I'm relieved that September is over or excited that October's here. Indeed, September proved itself to be hectic, I was slaving over two 2000 word essays & two 1500 word essays.
At least I've got a few weeks to take a breather until my take home exams + exams commence in November. 

Weather has been splendid but erratic, beautiful & sunny during the day 
but plagued with windstorms & heavy rain at night.

here are this week's updates :)

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