swamped in (ass)ignments

08 September 2014
I can only justify the 2 week hiatus with the amount of assignments due! I've got to write 4 essays this month for mid-terms.  

Quick update then back to immersing myself in essays... 
Here are 2 weeks worth of updates :) 

Awesome view count on blogger.com the other day! 
Almost hitting 200 thousand. 
Hello everyone!!!! :) 

Parents sent pictures from a wedding! 
Can't wait to see them this weekend after 2 months :)

Xy - the Ross to my Phoebe! 
Met him during my Trinity College phase last year. 

Sunrise from my window

Stunning greenhouse inspired cafe in QV

Cooked spaghetti bolognese from scratch the other day

Albert Park Pier
After living in Melbourne for a year and a half, finally went down to the pier to have brunch with Kara! Weather was perfect too :)

Seagulls remind me of the finding nemo movie, "mine, mine" HAHAH


Peach and rhubarb crumble

Juiciest burger around

Will definitely pay the pier another visit!

Perfect weather + perfect company = perfect day

Melbourne's Spring Fashion Week 2014
Got last minute tickets for runway 4 with Kimmy and Medina :) 
Got to see quintessential Australian designers - Matcho Subo, Gorman etc

All cladded in white! Experimenting with textures - mesh and fur.

With 3/5 of the gals!! 

Definitely more shows to come with these 2 :) 

Nieuw Amsterdam

Been meaning to try this little gem for a while now! Conveniently hidden adjacent to Hardware Societe. 

Obligatory flower shot

Beef brisket platter

Slow braised lamb neck

Sweet pumpkin donuts - the cinnamon infused flavours reminded me of my childhood, especially my days visiting Disneyland in various countries :)

Peanut butter waffle with raspberry sorbet

Taken in front of the State Lib's lawn

my happiness in monochrome

Perfect sunday

Craig's housewarming 

Baked my favourite lemon drizzle cake

Faiz baked his insane hokkaido cheesecake

Look at dat spread of food brah


White, stripes and electric blue ootd

With the lot

Our cuddly host who makes the best barbecued chicken


Auntie and nephew

Rich and Jan - Sabah people representttt

White and pink 

Triple layer devil's chocolate cake from Thunderberry Melbourne

Had homecooked lunch with Faiz in uni last week 

Spotted outside my apartment

:) So sweet 

Market Lane coffee at Vic Market

Toast on eggs

Fukuryu Ramen

Salmon sashimi at home

Stack game for daaays

Waffles the Cat
Adopted an 11 month old cat 2 weeks ago! 
So full of cuddles this one!

She particularly loves sleeping on me 

Hope everyone has a good week ahead! September continues to be a hectic month!


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