iPhone 6 Plus

21 September 2014
19th of September:
My sister and I woke up at 4 am to queue for the iPhone 6 release.
Got there & can you believe it? 
We were 2nd in line! 

Telstra people handed out our numbers in the queue & the model we wanted.

I opted for the iPhone 6+ in gold & 128 GB.

Its a huge phone but I love it so far! Amazing battery life, stunning display.

Below are some shots I took with the iPhone when we went to visit the zoo! 

Never go full retard.
 I laugh the loudest & hardest when I'm with you.


The same butterfly landed on my finger

Just call me Sara; The Butterfly Whisperer

Amazing sensors!!!! Couldn't believe my eyes this was taken with an iPhone.

Butterflies having a meal

Faiz wants to be a butterfly whisperer too.

Dinner at MeatWine&Co

Felt so lucky that I got the iPhone model that I wanted & how I queued only for 3 hours when there are individuals who queued for over a week at the Chadstone store. 

To many more lucky days :) 

Another post down below!

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