moving meowtains

02 September 2014
Went to the first Cat Cafe in Melbourne 3 weeks ago! 
Had to book an hour slot to see the cats a week in advance :) 
Was well worth it though, the cats there were so docile and overweight
 (my favourite kind of cats)!!!! 

Taken on one of Melbourne's gloomy days

How amazing is it to have someone who loves cats as much as you do? :) 

This cat was asleep the whole duration I was there hahahahahaha.
He was the fattest one too!

Selfie with the fat cat

Obviously angry we disturbed his sleep

With my favourite, Professor X 

Faiz and I paid about $20 each for an hour slot :) 
The Cat Cafe's on the corner of Franklin and Queen St so it was a 5 minute walk from my apartment. 
Will definitely pay the Cat Cafe more visits in the future!!

Proper update on Waffles + OOTDs + 20 facts next time. 


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