best week ever in forever

21 September 2014
The title above seems pretty monumental for a statement considering I've been consistently having really amazing days and weeks for the past couple of months.
 But it's true; 
This past week really was the best week ever. 

I'll elaborate on that at the end.. 
First thing's first, this week's update in stills :)

Mickie Mouse sweater 

Hands down one of my favourite places to buy a box of macarons in the city.

Ballerina shoes


Favourite green tea soft serve with my favourite

Dinner outfit in the spring. Yay for (relatively) warmer weather!

Never disappoints!

Raspberry fields

Unintentionally matched outfits with Faiz haha

Bought a flower bracelet & made a wish! 
"Happiness that knows no end."

Waffles @ Waffee 

With my adik

Faiz walking to Federation Square for the Dreamworks Exhibition

Blue and white 

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

Went on a Paw Paw haul the other day

Photobooth fun with my adik

The Best Week Ever was ascribed to a number of reasons: 
  1. I went and bought Sims 3 + all of its expansions on Monday. Yes, I realise that I am 10 years too late but I never got into the hype but oh well, better late than never! 
  2. My parents + Shereen flew over last Sunday for a visit. Haven't seen them for more than 2 months so I really was over the moon.
  3. Friend from Malaysia visited so Shereen, Faiz and I took him around Melbourne's tourist spots. Went to the State Library, Federation Square, Melbourne Zoo & Eureka Skydeck. Funny how I've been living in Melbourne for over a year yet I've never been to any of those places. I guess its one of those things you take for granted when you live somewhere. 
  4. Faiz had dinner and met with my family. First guy that I've ever brought to be introduced to my dad. Not surprised at all that my dad loves Faiz! Probably one of the main highlights of this week.... Or my life. Hehehe
  5. Queued up for the iPhone 6 Plus on the date that it was released (19th September!)

I can't fault this week. Theres no one distinct highlight to it. 
To many, many more faultless weeks like these :) 

Signing off, 

A very very vey elated & content Sara

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