20 facts about me

23 September 2014
Favourite photo of Faiz and I 

iPhone 6 Plus

21 September 2014
19th of September:
My sister and I woke up at 4 am to queue for the iPhone 6 release.
Got there & can you believe it? 
We were 2nd in line! 

best week ever in forever

The title above seems pretty monumental for a statement considering I've been consistently having really amazing days and weeks for the past couple of months.
 But it's true; 
This past week really was the best week ever. 

I'll elaborate on that at the end.. 
First thing's first, this week's update in stills :)

swamped in (ass)ignments

08 September 2014
I can only justify the 2 week hiatus with the amount of assignments due! I've got to write 4 essays this month for mid-terms.  

Quick update then back to immersing myself in essays... 
Here are 2 weeks worth of updates :) 

Awesome view count on blogger.com the other day! 
Almost hitting 200 thousand. 
Hello everyone!!!! :) 

moving meowtains

02 September 2014
Went to the first Cat Cafe in Melbourne 3 weeks ago! 
Had to book an hour slot to see the cats a week in advance :) 
Was well worth it though, the cats there were so docile and overweight
 (my favourite kind of cats)!!!! 

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