spring transitions

06 August 2014
I hope everyone has been well!!!!
I haven't felt concretely happy and balanced in a long time. 
First time this year where I truly felt capable of juggling my time properly;
balancing uni, friends and Faiz. 
I haven't got much to say except that I'm in a really good state of mind right now. 
Whatever it is - I hope you are too :)  

Caught up with the girls over dinner a few weeks back.
 Discovered THE. BEST. SALTED. EGG. YOLK. CHICKEN. RIBS. in Melbourne!

Huddled under the umbrella on rainy day

Beautiful day in uni 

Hawthorn adventures. 

Went to Hawthorn last week for brunch with Kara @ Crabapple (brunch pictures in a separate post). 
Had an amazing time just filling ourselves up with girl talk and window shopping. 
Never a dull time with the Karbear. There's always something to laugh about :) 
So lucky!

Windy day

My head's too small for a beanie.. Never seems to stay put.

Yellow pieces

Kara's sock game = Lvl 99999999

Beautiful shot of the best friend!!!

Metallic shoes

Ombre blue sweater

Matching miansai *insert blue/red couple emoji*

Love this shot of Kara and Medina! Sunday brunch rituals with the gals.
Missing Kim and Bella :(

With my happiness :)
Played around with monochrome edits on the Lightroom 5.

Had an amazing bath the other day. 
Used 2 bath bombs from Lush that turned the water pink and super soft!!!!

Will definitely be repurchasing Lush's bath bombs! 

Faiz's favourite pair of jeans

Melbourne Central

Went to Rich's graduation on saturday. 
Graduated with Bachelors of Science in Melbourne Uni 
and now he's doing his masters in chemical engineering.
Rich is a fellow Sabahan too - like me :)
Congrats again bud!!!!

Much fierce, so wow hehehe

Stumbled upon a bee

The most colourful person you'll ever meet....

Pastel cardi

Beanies with the Mr
(I can't process how Faiz's skin is smoother than a baby's butt)

Spotted in uni - 
".. A form of Mania."

Threading eyebrows in Emporium.

Life has been eventful to say the least.
I am absolutely loving the subjects I'm taking this semester, especially Islam in the Modern World, 
its a refreshing perspective and very enlightening.
 Another plus -
the lecturer's hilarious and knows the subject like the back of his hand.

Weather in Melbourne has been perfect; sunny all day round and mid 16s. 
Can't fault this weather so far. 
Spring's on its way & I'm well excited for the emergence of colourful outfits.

2 new posts coming up -
home cooks & brunch photos.

Have an amazing day wherever you are!!! 

Lots of love,

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