happ(ier) days

20 August 2014
Workload in uni has been piling up with assignments due left and right.
Readings getting a little thicker... 
Thank god I'm doing subjects I actually like :) 

Melbourne's weather is,
 once again.....
Playing with my feelings.
 Just when I feel like its getting warmer and spring's around the corner, it plagues us with cold spells. 
Weather has been consecutively gloomy for days in a row now.

At the moment, this week feels productive at best!
 One of this week's resolution is to go for Dynamite Gym's class (be it muay thai, kickboxing, kettlebell or boxing) everyday. Progress is good so far. I feel like the hardest component of working out is making yourself go in the first place. But once that part is over and done with, you're in for a killer time!

here are this week's updates!

Quick selfie at uni hehe 

Met up with Yaya who visited for a couple of weeks from KL. 
Caught up over bagels @ Manchester Press
Finally met her cute niece + nephew!

Savoury bagels

Spotted the quintessential hippie Melbourne cafe the other day. 
Specialising in "organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free and sugar free treats". 
What a mouthful! They also serve almond milk coffee. 
Not my cuppa tea but my friends seemed to like it :)

Chocolate chip cheesecake


With hippie cafes comes its elated customers!
Look at those happy faces?!?!

Wish list for my future home: a barista machine!

The board below showcases 5 different kinds of smoothies to choose from. 
My favourite's Energiser coz I LOVE BANANAS.

Deconstructed apple crumble

Chia pudding

Mustard sweater + denim 

Foggy weather matches my room


Pink sofa 


Candles. I love their printed boxes

Went to Fitzroy to have brunch with KK (Kota Kinabalu) friends @ Addict. 
Was so nice catching up with the Kara, Kimmy, Nigel + Melanie who were visiting from KK,
 Faiz, Jan & JJ :) Felt like a little piece of home was in Melbourne. 

Almond croissant while waiting to be seated

Dessert section

Breakfast menu 

Kimmy and Kara in the midst of telling a story 

Watermelon juice in a jar with paper straws

Finnish toast


Poached eggs and potato hash

Duck confit

Avo + tomato on toast

Pulled sandwich

After brunch, we went to N2 to have gelato. 

I had milo gelato with crushed cream crackers & warm chocolate ganache syringe.

Fun-filled day with the lot!!!! 

Brown suede jacket 

Taken on one of Melbourne's better days 

Brother Baba Budan coffee to go!

View of Melbourne's CBD from uni 

I've also finally set up the Nespresso machine that Steph bought me for my 19th! Will do an update on that as well. Charlie's farewell up next :) 

Hope everyone's having a good day wherever they are.

Lots of love from a freezing Sara 

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