cooking at home

19 August 2014

Breakfast at home 

Chocolate oatmeal cake with peanut butter and strawberries

Basa fish with asparagus, cherry + tomato salad and rice

Cooking the Basa 

Seafood all daaaaay

Chicken breast with caramelised onions + apples, brussel sprouts

Overnight oats with a sprinkle of matcha 

Mung bean fettucini with chicken breast, baby carrots

French toast with caramelized bananas and blueberries

Overnight oats with supercharged granola 

Oats with frothed milk

Favourite salad to make at home! 
Spinach, green leaf mix with olive oil, crushed almonds,
 balsamic vinegar, parmesan and chia seeds

So obsessed with cornflakes now - I put them in everything!

3 new posts coming - Cat cafe, outings & Charlie's farewell :) 


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