charlie's intimate farewell

24 August 2014
Went for a friend's farewell dinner a couple of weeks ago :) 
Had fun dressing up for Charlie's black tie farewell dinner! 

happ(ier) days

20 August 2014
Workload in uni has been piling up with assignments due left and right.
Readings getting a little thicker... 
Thank god I'm doing subjects I actually like :) 

Melbourne's weather is,
 once again.....
Playing with my feelings.
 Just when I feel like its getting warmer and spring's around the corner, it plagues us with cold spells. 
Weather has been consecutively gloomy for days in a row now.

At the moment, this week feels productive at best!
 One of this week's resolution is to go for Dynamite Gym's class (be it muay thai, kickboxing, kettlebell or boxing) everyday. Progress is good so far. I feel like the hardest component of working out is making yourself go in the first place. But once that part is over and done with, you're in for a killer time!

here are this week's updates!

cooking at home

19 August 2014

expanding food adventures

10 August 2014

spring transitions

06 August 2014
I hope everyone has been well!!!!
I haven't felt concretely happy and balanced in a long time. 
First time this year where I truly felt capable of juggling my time properly;
balancing uni, friends and Faiz. 
I haven't got much to say except that I'm in a really good state of mind right now. 
Whatever it is - I hope you are too :)  

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