short lived sydney days

05 July 2014
After completing my foundation studies in Trinity last december,
 the application for universities commenced. 
Though I was accepted into Melbourne Uni for it's arts (liberal) program, 
I was utterly adamant on doing a law degree. 
The only uni in Melbourne that offered law as a Bachelor's degree was Monash, 
and I missed out by a few points (the clear in was a 90% average, I attained an 88).

As an alternative, I sought after other universities in neighbouring states. 

After Christmas,
 I got an email saying I was accepted into the University of Sydney for Bachelor of Arts and Law, which meant that it was a double degree.
I was ecstatic - uSyd is only 2nd to Melbourne Uni for it's law program and no. 10 in the world.
But I was also torn; I desperately wanted to stay in Melbourne. I was madly in love with the city that had the friendliest people, a strong brunch culture and served the best coffee.
Alas, this yearning to do law outweighed my desires to stay. 

And so I shifted from Melbourne to Sydney. 

A couple of months flew by and I realised that I was not happy, not as enthused with life.
 It took me a few weeks to come to terms with the fact that Sydney was not my cup of tea. 
I liked it, to a certain extent but there was just something missing. 
I missed the girls and Melbourne's efficient tram system, how everything's walking distance.. 

Come Easter break and after a lengthy talk with the parents,
 It was decided:
 I was to move back to Melbourne.
Anyway, I've always had a knack for reading subjects and a way with words; a skill essential for writing essays. And since I missed out on Monash's law program by 2 points. 
I headed towards Melbourne Uni for it's versatile Bachelor of Arts program. 
 Best decision of this year thus far, deciding to attend the best university in Australia. 

Below are some pictures taken when I was still living there :) 

View from the Fischer library

Studying @ Victoria Park outside uni

Favourite library spot to study in, the reading hall in the law library
(thats Jack looking at the camera!)

Lovely day in uni after class

Lovebirds spotted @ Victoria Park

Got matching rings with Fiqah who's doing the Juris doctor of Law in UNSW. 

Caught up over Italian with the girl I've known for about 10 years now :)

Blazer weather

Chilling at Darling Harbour with my cousin, Aiman who visited often :)

Freshly done nails

With Shze :) My favourite Singaporean in Sydney

Harbour bridge. Felt like a dream.

At the Metropolitan Art Museum


Pastel colours 

Post-brunch selfie

Dalmation spotted @ Surrey Hills

Fact: I sleep with an eye mask every night, without fail.

With adik, Shereen

Sunset from my room

Palm trees in Vic Park

Coconut juice 

I associate really fond feelings with this picture; 
finished the last class of the week, 
completed all 290+ pages of readings & managed to get full marks for a law test. 
Walked across the park to get home as I usually did,
 spotted a swing nearby, walked over and just swung myself for an hour.. :)
No company, no music, just me and the perfect weather.
I remember feeling so liberated and content. Good vibes

The best froyo I've ever had in my life! 
They make their own nutella sauce mixed with meringue bits.

With Steph, the other froyo enthusiast

Had my favourite people in Sydney over at mine for dinner.
 Wouldn't be able to get by if it wasn't for them ♥︎

Yellow nails

Birkenstocks hehe

White and blue combo


Vinyl sticker

Can't believe this was taken with my iPhone. Amazing sensors!

Above: My 2 year old Mac Air 
Below: My current 15" Mac Pro 
Both sleeves decked in vinyl stickers :)

Sara - the unicorn ninja! 

Spotted: Man on a bike with an interesting tattoo

Taken @ George St

Steph scavenging for food @ China Town

With Steph taking our boys out :P Hahahah

Favourite Clifton umbrella 

Fiqah and I bought matching umbrellas hehe

Spent the last day in Sydney as a tenant with Shze! One of the few reasons why I was sad to leave Sydney. Shze made my time there memorable. Thanks for all the sleepovers, the laughs and the chicken nugget enthusiast moments. 


I've had no regrets moving to Sydney.
 I've learnt a great deal about myself in the past couple of months.  
Made potential life long friendships :)
Sydney was great but my heart was already set on Melbourne. 

Anyway, since I was in Sydney for quite a bit, 
I've got a few posts coming up dedicated to it's brunch culture,
 Bondi Beach w Aiman, building facades 
and the thing I miss most; 
my cosy apartment and room in One Central Park.

Up next:


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