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09 July 2014
There are a couple of things that I miss about Sydney - 
one of them is spending time with Shze and Fiqah... 
The other is my apartment. 

After moving abroad for my studies last year, I found newfound respect for myself. 
Since arriving Melbourne last year, my parents left me in charge of looking for apartments, setting up appointments with real estate agents, lodging applications and arranging for the bonds to be paid etc. That day was here - I finally felt a gist of what it felt like to be a "grown up".  

whenever I'm looking for apartments to rent (either in Melbourne or Sydney), I'm always looking for lots of light, floor to ceiling windows, 2 bedrooms (my family visited often - so the other bedroom would be my parents') and a decent view. 
This apartment had a particular hold on me mostly due to the reason that it was unfurnished -
which meant that I could buy furnitures and decorate it as I pleased!!!! 
*insert excitement exclamations here*

The apartment I chose was in a brand new development called One Central Park. 
I loved the facade of the building. 
It was immaculately designed and was walking distance to uni. 

I especially loved taking pictures when the weather was nice.
 The blue skies provided such a nice contrast for the greenery from the vertical garden. 

The shiny square roof protruding is a heliostat - it provides light for the pool directly below it. 
I remember being so intrigued by this :) Thought it was an infinity pool at first..... ZZZZZZ.

Fun fact:
One Central Park holds the world record for the highest vertical garden. 

View of Chippendale (suburb) 

View of the city from my room.

The state of the apartment before and after I moved out. Completely empty!

Unpacking all the boxes from Melbourne. Unpacking can be such a pain... Not a fan at all.

Weeks flew by and I was done with decorating the apartment!
Below are some pictures post all the hard work, tears of sweat etc etc etc :P

My room

Cubicle for my books, photo frames and oddities, standing mirror and study table 

Living room

The cut out pink paper is handmade from Mexico :)
 Was a bit disappointed after a while though, 
the intensity of the pink paper faded to a very light pink colour.

Pink flowers in a vase 

Bedside lamp

Guilty of eating udon and watching tv shows in bed

Movie night with Shze

I was very thorough with choosing the sofa. 
I wanted one that was relatively spacious and very comfortable.
After all I would spend most of my time on the couch, chilling, watching movies. Heh.

Post-dinner with Fiqah

A closer look at my personal pigeon hole 

Skull hand painted from Rio de Janeiro,
 I fell for its intricate details. Wonder how long it must've took to complete this :) 

Rainy days 

Movie night and massacring chicken nuggets with Steph

Love these Sherican sheets.
 So soft I could lay in bed forever (I think at one point I did).

Figs and green tea for fuel

One of my favourite movies of all time 

My happiness - Faiz.
 But that story is for another day :) 

I'm grateful for all the memories I made in that apartment, all the sleepovers and cooking adventures. 
I'm not particularly heartbroken on leaving One Central Park, all the furniture that I bought in Sydney, I had them shipped over to Melbourne. So I guess my apartment in Melbourne will be nearly identical, not taking account of the apartment layout.
However, I'm still not quite done with my new apartment! 
So will post pictures when I'm done.

Have a nice day!

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