melbourne apartment

30 July 2014
I am once again, the queen of procrastination.
 Been so occupied with first week of uni! 
Finally managed to finish decorating and arranging the apartment
 after a month of moving in. 
Again 99% of the furniture was shipped over from my Sydney apartment 
so apologies if it looks nearly identical.  

I'm currently staying in the Milano apartments
It's the same apartment I stayed when I was residing in Melbourne last year, 
same exact layout, just on a higher floor 
(I'm currently on the 35th floor, last year I was on the 28th). 

View of Melbourne's CBD from the balcony

My room 

Pink fairy lights intertwined onto the bed frame

Study table with a view

My necklace organiser

Significantly smaller than my apartment in Sydney but I'm happy with it! 
Feels very cosy :) 

Living room.
Ran out of space for my boxes so I'm temporarily using the balcony as storage space hahahaha

My favourite sofa

Bedside table

Pink skull and a poem about Faiz and I framed.

Pink flowers, Ecoya candles and ring holder

Dining table. 
I love how rustic the benches look

Candles and cactuses 

The other room, my parents' isn't pictured because well.... 
It isn't really relevant hahaha. 
I've always sought after 2 bedroom apartments because my parents visit so much from Malaysia! 
Almost once a month, mind you. 

there you go! 
My apartment in Melbourne.
I still need to get a proper shoe rack and little bits of things for the
 apartment but its safe to say that everything's 90% done.

Weather in Melbourne has significantly improved from the last time I blogged; 
more sunny days and higher temperatures. 
I'm also constantly in pleasant, happy moods lately, 
 I've heard complaints from friends saying 1st year timetables are almost 
always horrible but yay, I guess this semester is an exception.. Heh. 

Till next time!


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