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09 July 2014
Since I had over a month of free time after I withdrew from Sydney Uni,
 I went back to KL to spend some time with my cat, family and friends. 
Indulged in a little bit of retail therapy and of course, apam balik.

Not much to say so I'll let the pictures do the talking :) 

First day back - went for a drive with ayah in our neighbourhood

Taupe on taupe

Certified hoarder - I collect portable chargers!
 I never leave my house without one. 
So convenient especially when your iPhone's a battery sucking parasite. 

Visited Aiman at dad's office

Many shades of pink lipstick haul @ Sephora

Lady in black and some #armcandy action hehe

A splash of green in our Mont Kiara home

Had Italian for dinner with Mel before watching Maleficent. 
Maleficent was amazing, Angie's acting was phenomenal, loved the soundtrack, the cinematography.. EVERYTHING!

I can't get over Chanel's dust bag, matches my lego brick hehehe

Pink rollerboy spikes

Current iPhone case on top of Chanel's stunning spring/summer 2014 collection 

With Sha 

My big Sarawakian family came over for dinner! 
Can you believe, this isn't even 1/4 of my cousins!? 
Mom's got 10 siblings including herself. Love myself a big family :)


How stunning is my best friend? :) 
We've come a long way from our 13 year old days in Cempaka Schools. Coming into our 7th year of friendship!

Upside down room in Curve's cinema

My 2nd brother's children, 3/5 of the Suhaili grandchildren.
So cute but so unbelievably hyped up ALL. THE. TIME.

Caught up with Amelia and Fiqah over thai food and froyo 

Fisheye in the car

Overly pleased with my mille crepe cake! :D So good, I'd kill for it

Blue and green tones

My go to Sarawakian girls in KL - Edlin and Sha! Nonstop laughter with these 2. 
Always a lovely time :)

Spending quality time with them also equates to heavy retail therapy - particularly lipsticks!

I love my neighbourhood to bits :) 
Mont Kiara's a refuge from all the hustle and bustle of the city

Getting bubbly at home 

My cousin Dee's 20th birthday @ Crazy Fish. Tried octopus sashimi for the first time!
Ps/ Sorry for blinking too early :(

With Aqil and Esme.
 Good company and good food. Couldn't ask for more :) 

Pre-facial session with the mother

My favourite sleeping mask! 
Growing increasingly dependent on this sort of faux darkness. 
Can't remember the last time I slept without it..


Adik showed me her vintage typewriter! Too cool!!!

Thanks... I feel the love.....

Mangosteen the Cat
On my first day back from Sydney, I spotted this stray cat who was playing by herself in the kitchen. I am a bonafide crazy cat lady so I picked this cat up, declared her mine and named her Mangosteen! 
She is downright the most loving cat ever and loves to be touched and petted. 
Thanks to her healthy appetite, she's also growing bigger by the day (I'm afraid she'll go obese soon).....
Even though she was a stray to begin with, it's been 2 months and she's still around :) 
Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Mangosteen intrigued by the pool

Lying on her back (LOOK HOW BIG HER TUMMY IS)

Scratch scratch

Getting some rubs

My room's on the 3rd floor and Mangosteen has her own little spot in the kitchen, but some mornings I'd wake up to her meowing outside my door. I'm still trying to figure out how she managed to find my room and hike up 3 flights of stairs..... 

She also looooves getting scratches, she can stay like that for almost an hour

Looking complacent on my lap

Skype date with Faiz and our cats

I love coming home to KL for semester breaks - just the right mix of being productive and down right lazy. I'm almost up to date with all my posts. So bear with me :) 

Hope all of you are fine and dandy!

Next up: 
Winter in Melbourne 


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