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07 July 2014
I love food - brunch food in particular. 
I could never say no to an invite to explore new food places. 
Below are my food adventures in Sydney :)
Salivate away!!!

The first time I fell in love with truffle oil on scrambled eggs

Bircher muesli with figs, greek yoghurt and milk

Bircher muesli with grapes, rhubarb, pomegranate and greek yoghurt

Cappucinos to go

Mecca coffee beans

Look at that endless sight of bread!

The waitress gave us 2 loafs of sourdough bread to take home :) 

Oysters - I literally go through dozens at one go

Sashimi and oysters

Situated strategically adjacent to the Opera House, amazing food accompanied by spectacular views.

To die for pasta! Al dente and perfectly cooked seafood 

Who can resist Korean BBQ?!?!

Fiqah with her calamari salad

Avocados and poached chicken salad

I like this cafe for its convenience. 5 minute walk from uni and decent coffee - I'm sold!

Eggs benedict

Pancakes with mascarpone and berries compote

Brunch with May

I daresay it's one of the best in Sydney! Loved the interiors and incredible food.

French toast

Potato hash, poached eggs, avocados & asparagus on a bed of rockets

Shrimp ravioli

Hotcakes with passionfruit, ricotta cheese and strawberries

Too clever - hung up flower decorations

Pickled vegetables

Unleashing the asian in us.
 My all time favourite thing have at dim sum places: salted egg yolk bun

Can never go wrong with Anita's froyo and toppings

Beef ribs

Meat platter

I think I've taken away food from Sushizilla more often than I cook at home.
Reason being it was situated in the mall next to where I live and their sushi was downright yummy!
If I had to live on a cuisine for the rest of my life; hands down it'd be Japanese!

Salmon on everything

The famous watermelon cake!
 Not a fan of cakes but this one blew me away. Succulent strawberries and nicely sweetened cream, nothing too overbearing 

First dinner at Sydney back in March with Steph. 
10 course degustation meal :)

Roasted lamb rack with black olives and artichoke

White peaches with almond milk ice cream

Confit of Petuna ocean trout with a salad of celery, witlof, apple and unpasteurised ocean trout roe

Shio Koji flounder with tomato and summer greens

Tea smoked quail breast with parsnip and calamari 

Marinated scampi with walnut oil and egg

Carpaccio of leatherjacket with nori and citrus soy

Petit fours

Tetsuya's chocolate cake

Home cooked meals by yours truly ♥︎

Tried baking eggs in avocado pouches! Not as successful as I'd like it to be :(
A tad overcooked I'm afraid.

Pasta with avocados, mushrooms, feta and broccolis 

Made seafood pasta on a bed of spinach for Aiman and I

Udon noodles with an Asian sauce and some stir fried beef

That marks the end of my Sydney food adventures post. I had an amazing time trying out different cafes and playing around with different flavours in my cooking. 
However, I do resolve to be more adventurous in ordering at restaurants! I tend to order the same thing over and over again (eggs on toast, avocados etc) :( 
I hope this post made your taste buds tingle, to say the least hehehe.

Next up - 

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