cooking at home

25 July 2014
I've been aspiring to cook more at home lately; so far progress has been good. It really is much healthier, especially when you know what goes in your food. 
I especially love cooking breakfast/brunch food. Lots of eggs, toasted bread and avocados involved :)

Basa fish with rice and brussels sprouts

Chilli eggs and dollops of avocados with grated parmesan

My favourite so far!
 Pancake stack with layers of peanut butter and berries

Avocado + feta on sourdough with smoked salmon

Easiest thing to make for breakfast.
Overnight oats with bananas & berries

Prawn + garlic pasta with broccolis

Sourdough with chilli eggs and mashed avo

Traditional chicken soup - 
no salt + pepper! Just water, chicken, vegetables & chinese herbs. 

Scavenging for new recipes will now commence! Shall try my hand in baking next. 
Brownies, cookies...
Watch this space for some home-cooked meals. 


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