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15 July 2014
Finally back in Melbourne - been so occupied for the past couple of days running errands. 
Quick post so here's some brunch pictures from a few weeks back! :)

Froyo with Kara

Almond mylk hazelnut froyo with the best toppings 
- cowboy slice, brownies, butterscotch floss, honeycomb and macaron

Beef pho @ Mekong

This restaurant redefined fried chicken for me..
Nuff said. 

Brunch with the loveliest Bruneian girls - Ling & Rhenda!

Gotta love the conventional brownie

Brunch in a box, literally!

Banana hotcakes nom nom

Cappuccino & lavender flowers

Scrambled eggs and avocados on toast

Banana pancakes

Smoked salmon 

Specials of the day

Quaint little outdoor area

Spot all the chocolate in this cup of mocha!

Love the exteriors of this place - fairy lights and striped umbrellas


Complete 5 with the waiter + waitress photobombing the photo :P

High tea

Quick coffee with Kara before she runs off to the gym


Sorry if the post seems a bit rushed :(
 Got a new camera a couple of days ago and I've been experimenting around with it. Fingers crossed high quality pictures are coming. YAY. 

Still trying to get bits of things here and there for the apartment so as soon as I'm satisfied with the state of the apartment, I'll post up elaborate pictures!!! 

Hope everyone's having a nice day, where ever they are!

Signing off, 
a very very very cold Sara


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