cold beginnings

11 July 2014
After packing up and moving out of the Sydney apartment, I headed for Melbourne to get settled in. 
I arrived on the first week of June and stayed there for 3 weeks. 
Then I flew to KL to spend the first 2 weeks of Ramadhan (fasting month) with the family but I'm leaving for Melbourne again in a couple of days for orientation and uni. 

Sounds a handful doesn't it?

I've been flying in and out of Australia so much in the past 2 months sorting out unis, looking for apartments in Melbourne, packing up my Sydney apartment and back to Melbourne. I think I've had 8 flights in total to and fro KL - Sydney - Melbourne on 4 different occasions in the past 2 months.
So tired of flying but it'll all be done soon.
 *sighs of relieffffff*

Anyway, below are my most recent ootds in Melbourne :)

Playing around with my Alexander Wang sweater and metallic flats

Tried nude pink lipstick for the first time

Taken on one of Melbourne's warmer days.... (See: Bare legs)
Chanel's espadrilles are hands down my go-to walking footwear.
So comfortable, I can walk for blocks on end.

Dinner with the gal pals @ Kimmy's! Thanks for dinner, kimchi. 
Probably our last time this year coming together as the 5 of us since Bella's going on exchange next semester for 6 months :(

While waiting for our coffee. Quick coffee run @ Plantation with Kara 

Slip on cat slippers for the house

Pink skull

Pink flowers 

..... PINK EVERYTHING!!!!! Hahahahaha.

DIY nail day at home.

Before getting into the apartment's elevator selfie
*Must fully utilise even the briefest of waits*

Lazy outfit for dinner with Kara

Can't stop raving about the Rosie Project.
Started this book with high expectations and ended it with all of my expectations met!!!! 
Eloquently written and downright hilarious characters. 
Can't wait for the sequel!

Lots of blues happening in this picture :) 

White coat 

Kimmy and Medina 

Deedee's sick polaroid shot of branches 

My first ever air maxes!
 I've never been a sneaker person but oh well - always a first time for everything.

Caught mid-laughter :)

Monochrome outfit with a dash of pink.

With Ibu who visited for a few weeks. 

Maleficent inspired art on Bourke St

Colours here and there

Beautiful carnations spotted in Clifton Hill

Finder Keeper's sweater. 
And and and, 
after 3 long years of searching, finally managed to find myself a Constance!!! 

I feel an obsession growing - 2nd pair of air maxes. 
Look at them silver fibresssssss 

Light colours to compliment the silver

Kenzo's cloud sweater 

Layered the whole outfit with my trusted white coat

Also met up with Yulia who's visiting from Wellington, New Zealand! 
The only Russian I know who can speak fluent malay (with slangs, mind you). 
We've grown up so much from our 14 years old days in KL....
How time passes.

Toyed around with pastel colours, lots of knitwear and chiffon 


I've known this girl since I was 6, I remember when we would be playing with each other in the kiddies club @ Sutera Harbour back home in KK. 
How ridiculously long was that?
Gonna miss you so much when you're in Glasgow, Tambawow!!!!

Coffee with Nana 

White, yellow and pink

Post brunch. 
Our individual styles are so prevalent in this photo. 
Love it :)

Jeremy the Cat

Floral pink bomber jacket

Lime green and pink

Aunty Chiu (Kimmy's mother) made the girls dinner! 
Crispy on the outside, soft and tender in the inside.
View of Melbourne's cbd from Brunswick 

Aaaaand with that said, I am finally up to date with all of my OOTDS. 
I've got a few more posts lined up with my latest brunch escapade in Melbourne,
 building facades in Sydney and food adventures in KL.

Can't wait to be back in the cold, freezing weather that is Melbourne. 
T- minus: 3 more days :) 

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