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24 July 2014
Feeling quite pleased these days;
 finally enrolled and chosen all my subjects for the semester, got my wifi set up and signed up for the muay thai gym @ Dynamite (thanks to my cousin Dee for introducing! She's been training there for about 2 years now). 
 It's been a productive week so far so big thumbs up!!! 

I've been a pretty dedicated shutterbug lately, carrying my camera around and just snapping random still here & there! 
Also got Lightroom and VSCOfilm 1 - 5 so I've been playing around with all the edits and colours. Slowly but still getting the hang of things.

Electric blue nightingale 

Love the leather details my coat

Strolling around the city with my favourite person. He's from Kota Kinabalu as well, like me!
6 months to go till Faiz bids uni life goodbye-
 completing his honours in civil engineering soon :) 
Exciting times for this mister. 

Macro shot

Exteriors outside the cafe

Painted on the wall

Sweet potato fries

Slow roasted lamb shoulders

Pink flowers spotted on Collins

Flinders station

Captioned: Positively Fabulous

Collins St

Spent the day with Medina and Kimmy

Aids awareness

Spot Dee's pooh tattoo

Kimmy looks beautiful here

Kim's flats

Chocolate dusts on cappuccinos 

Cactus in Dee's place

Current iPhone case

Haven't worn my So Kelly bag in almost a year

Favourite shot so far

Stranger photobomb

Exploring Melbourne's alleys with Faiz

Royal Arcade's interiors

Grey on grey with the mr

Eggs @ Queen Victoria market


The infamous hot doughnuts @ Queen Vic

Chai latte @ Plantation

Crystal necklaces

Faiz's coat game hahahaha

I've been putting off this post for days! Melbourne's cold weather is downright sleep inducing so my productivity levels at home is currently at 0%. 

2 posts coming up - 
My apartment in Melbourne & my cooking adventures at home!

A lazy Sara signing off, 
have a nice day!

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