broga hill

02 July 2014
I've seen countless pictures of my friends climbing the picturesque Broga Hill. 
Especially the stunning ones taken during sunrise and sunsets.
 Anyway, I've been wanting to hike this particular hill for a while now but never got a chance
 to due to unfortunate circumstances. 
One day, my best friend from high school, Melinda and I finally decided to hike Broga Hill. I was back in KL for summer holidays so timing was convenient as well.

Whenever I'm with Mel, fun times ensues. 
 Can't think of anyone else I'd want to hike a hill with ♥︎

Holding Mel's bamboo stick that she keeps in her car.. 
Trust her to be well prepared for anything! 

No- seriously, she brought us water, mosquito repellant and even borrowed me her hiking shoes!

Panaroma view of Broga.

The light fell on all the right places. Felt like I was in a movie!

Incredible view from the top 

After our hike, we spotted a stall. Sat down and killed time sipping coconut juice :)

To many, many more hike adventures, Mellow! 


The second time I hiked Broga was with Ellysha. 
The decision to hike happened very quickly - I was back in KL for easter break and we were shopping, Sha casually mentioned that she's never hiked before and wanted to see Broga during sunrise,
To which I replied, "Why not? Want to hike tomorrow?"

And so the next day we were on our way to hike Broga! 

Because it was so spontaneously decided, we were, as you say, under prepared for a hike during the dark. We relied on a single torchlight, shared amongst 4 people and the iphone flashlight. 
It was a memorable experience, nonetheless :)

It was pitch dark when we started our hike @ 4 am

En route to the top and you can see the sun slowly rising 

Almost there!

Love the fusion of orange and blue skies. Favourite picture of the view (so far)
Busy taking pictures 

With Sha & her younger brother, Emil. Taken with Sha's GoPro, hence the bird eye view 

Time to break a yoga pose! :P 

Forgot to bring extra torchlights but we remembered to buy film cameras... #priorities #wehavenone

Surrounded by palm oil trees

Can't resist a good hike! Exciting times are ahead to explore more hills :) 

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