bondi beach

07 July 2014
After Easter break, 
I flew back to Sydney with Aiman to officially withdraw out of uni and to request for a release letter. 
After a long day of running errands, Aiman and I decided to go on an adventure at Bondi! 

I remember the date being 1st of April, which meant that it was Mean Girl's 10th anniversary since it's release! And you know what that means....... 
"On Wednesdays, we wear pink." 

Lucky for Aiman and I, the weather was clear cut! 
Low 20s temperature and blue cladded skies.

Walked through these beach pot holes to get to the cliffs at the other end

Aiman - Cousin and trusted travel buddy 

How stunning is that view?

Can't remember the last time I hopped onto a plane and Aiman wasn't beside me.
Countless adventures all over.
Feeling grateful - blood is definitely thicker than water :) 

Quick coffee at the cafe nearby

Love the warm colours in this picture

Look at the gradient of colours between the pool and the sea - incredibly stunning! 

At the edge of the cliff. 

Had a really fun day with Aiman! Caught up over walks and shared a few laughs. 
Hopefully more cousin bonding sessions to come :)

Next up -
 My very pink room and apartment @ One Central Park


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