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17 July 2014
I got a new camera a week ago - 
Samsung NX300. 
After using a myriad of Canon and Sony camera models, I've yet to try a Samsung camera...
And the verdict? 
I am thoroughly pleased!!
The efficacy of the Samsung's NX300 wifi setting is incredible. The sensor's impressive and all the pictures turned out crisp clear. I'm a bit peeved by the slowness of the autofocus but what it lacks in autofocus, it makes up for it in wifi capabilities.
Took me less than a minute to transfer photos from the camera to the iPhone effectively making the iPhone camera redundant. 

Bought a pancake lens so below are sample shots I've taken over the past few days :)


Monochrome and silver

Purple and white 

Crystal pieces


After running errands a couple of day ago, 
I went for a bit of a walk nearby uni and took some random shots :)

One of the clocks in Melbourne uni

Currently experiencing: the best days of my life


Prettiest looking hotcakes in Melbourne

Chilli scrambled eggs


Chai latte

Trout with poached eggs


Crispy duck skin! 

Truffle scrambled eggs on sourdough

Credit goes to the best photographer......

White and pink flowers

Bicycle outside Krimper

Nailed into the wall

Apple millefeuille

Kangaroo tataki maki 


Ox tongue


Tuna tataki maki

Agedashi tofu

Salmon sashimi

I've been having the happiest days so far of 2014, wake up happy and go to sleep happy. 
Productive days ensues with the best company and (almost) perfect weather!

it's safe to say that I'm ecstatic with my new camera! 
High quality pictures and crisp bokeh in a small, durable build. 
I carry it around with me everywhere these days :) Yay for clearer ootd + food stills.

Internet's finally getting set up tomorrow so finger crossed I'll update regularly from now on...... 
If uni and other miscellaneous activities don't get in the way. Heh.

Till next time!


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