sudden returns

29 June 2014
Safe to say that I'm blogging again!

I'll mostly blog about OOTDS, 
(Outfit of The Day - god, one day these abbreviations will be the death of me),
food and other trivial things like pictures of my cappucinos
 and that yellow, fat cat I spotted on the street.
I guess one could deduce that this blog is simply an extended platform for my instagram pictures.

I can't find it in me to justify my disappearance for the past 2 years.. 
But if I did, I would have blamed it on my laziness.
But I wasn't.
(However in truth, I really was.)

I also resolve to be more organised with this blog and treat it as an online journal with 
an overflowing abundance of pictures.
Probably not as intimate as a journal per se but you get the gist.

I'm still trying to figure out the kinks of HTML and how to categorise my posts,
so your virtual patience is truly appreciated.

Watch this space for a massive #throwback #flashbackfriday posts on OOTDS & food pictures!
(Can you tell I've resorted to instagram for the past 2 years?)

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