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29 June 2014
I guess I should preface this post with a little bit of context.
Last year upon arriving Melbourne, I've grown closer with a group of girls who were from KK (like me!) and currently studying in the University of Melbourne. Anyway, through this group of 'gal pals', I've grown a profound liking towards brunch dates, girl talk and a very fond appreciation of the 'girlfriend' camaraderie. 

I dare-say these group of girls are a support system worth moving states for (literally - but that's another story for another day). I've compiled a few of my favourite stills from 2013, taken in various places in Melbourne! :)

One of our first pictures as a group! 
Taken in the photo booth stall at Melbourne Central, March last year. 

First brunch ever for Kara's 20th last year @ Veggie Bar. This day marked the start of a tradition which includes celebrating each other's birthday during brunch, instead of the conventional dinner.

Making dinner after gym during exams last year in June! 

Brunch @ Arcadia 

Credits to Medina's polaroid! 

Brunch @ Birdman Eating

@ the QV clinic. 
Lost count at the amount of times Kimmy brought me to the Clinic.
 Probably stopped counting at the time I tore a muscle ligament... Zzzzzz.

Last winter break @ Cumulus Inc

Individual OOTDs compiled into a collage. One of my favourite things to do with the girls, en route to a brunch place. 
God, we're such girls its ridiculous....

Waiting for Kimmy outside her apartment.

Surprised Kimmy with healthy avocado chocolate chip cookies that Kara baked!

Celebrating Kimmy's 19th @ Auction Rooms

After brunch, we decorated our own cupcake @ 1, 2, 3 Cake

Remembered laughing tons at Kara and Kimmy being competitive with each other at whose cupcake was decorated the nicest. Spot Bella and Dee's game faces!

With the girls + Steph at my open house last year during Raya!

Bella the purple haired princess. Her hair's impeccably done as always by Daniel @ Shed Hair!
If you're ever down under in Melbourne and desperate for coloured locks, look him up :)

The last birthday of the year- mine!
Turned 19 and had brunch @ Mart 130.

Quick coffee sesh during winter @ Sensory Lab

Kara and Kimmy who came to my Trinity valedictory ceremony in November last year, bearing a bouquet of flowers!!!! ♥︎

Gonna miss Bella who's going on uni exchange in Glasgow for 6 months! See you in January, Tambawow. Be good and make wise choices!!!!


Aaaaaand that concludes the #galpals adventure of 2013. 
Ending this post with a huge smile plastered on my face :)
A separate post is in order for this year's adventures. 

Posts to watch out for: 
• Brunch stills and OOTDS in Melbourne from 2013
• Summer holidays December 2013 - February 2014

Till next time!

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