wishtrend + innisfree haul

22 May 2016

I currently have 2 new obsessions:
1. Korean skincare products
2. Sheet masks

After roughly 10 or so only days of using the products I bought of SokoGlam, I was shocked to find my skin looking freaking pristine! I saw a crazy amount of difference + improvement and just like that, I was SOLD. Korean products work fantastically well on my skin and I'm glad to announce I've become a full-blown convert. 

At first I was a bit sceptical - how can there be so much visible improvements and so fast? Like what's the catch? 

  Anyway, so far there's no catch because my skin seems clearer and more translucent and soooo supple like you have no idea. I'm seriously shaking with excitement and happiness. I've been using Kiehl's and SKII my whole life and NOT once did I see results as fast as the Korean stuff. 

I can vouch for all of these products. They did what they were meant to do. The only caveat from this review is that I can't choose 1 single product that seemed more effective than the other. So I think the products I bought all worked harmoniously and symbiotically together. Your best bet is to just buy them all. Hahahaha.

Initially, I was running out of sheet masks so I went to look for other Korean skincare sites to purchase them and I found Innisfree and WishTrend. Don't get me wrong, I love SokoGlam but I just found the whole shipping process a bit tedious so I opted for these websites. They ship to Australia for free if you spend more than $x. 

So I came for the sheet masks, but I left with tons of skincare and 126 sheet masks all together. 


Haul from Innisfree and WishTrend. The sight of all these sheet masks make me so happy!!

my perfect day in may

10 May 2016
I've never done a post just on a single day's occurence before. I usually let the photos from weeks/events accumulate then I'll post it but today is a little different. I was on my private twitter, tweeting today's happenings (its my micro journal) when I decided to share today's brilliantness on here too. I'm far more open about my personal life on my twitter because only my sister and really, really close friends follow me so I feel comfortable being bare. This instance is an exception coz I need to spread this happiness around - asap. The structure of the post may be a little different to what you're used to but I guess today's a day where we all step out of our comfort zone.

Extra chatty today and lots of photos photos here and there. 
Enjoy - it's in chronological order. 

1. My 4kg parcel from SokoGlam woke me up in the morning at 730 am.

  Best way, I think, to start your day - receiving long awaited parcels. I've been obsessed with Korean skin lately, especially their sheer translucency. I think it all stemmed from watching Descendants of the Sun lol. All of the casts have brilliant skin wtf? Luckily my skincare's ran out - so I researched until I could restock it, Korean style! Fast forward 2 weeks ago, I was browsing online and found SokoGlam. I then proceeded to haphazardly add things to my shopping cart. Reading a few reviews then adding it to the cart where I see fit. The website's layout is clean and intuitive - my favourite kind! So an hour passed with lots of things added and I clicked check-out... To my freaking dismay, they only ship to the US. But fear not, my fellow shoppers because Borderlinx is here to fulfil your cyber-shopping needs!

They've made the process quite simple and they'll provide you with a US address for you to forward your shipments then they'll ship it to your original country (with a little payment of course)! Tadaaaa. That's intercontinental shopping for you. I can't stress the amount of doors they've literally (or in this case, virtually) opened for me. Hahahaha.

It sounds like its a sponsored shoutout but it's not. I don't think I'll ever do a sponsored post or ads for a third party company. I will never exploit this blog for monetary gains. This blog is 100% for my personal growth and progress in visuals. Anyway, I'm genuinely excited I've found Borderlinx and SokoGlam! So I'm sharing the love with you guys too!!!

pre-christmas / mel / 15

04 May 2016
Newsflash: I am running out of content to post. I've been occupied with nothing but 9in6 challenge (I'll elaborate more below) and uni's about to get really, really hectic for the next 6 weeks. I rummaged through my lightroom library and found a set of photos from December last year. I keep finding photos hidden somewhere and its always a pleasant surprise. It was a few weeks before Christmas so here it is!! 

warhol x aiweiwei

26 April 2016
Bella pointed out how I've been consistently blogging and I seriously couldn't be any happier. When I blog, I'm immortalising the photographs on the digital landscape so that my future self can browse through my past photos and reminisce. I can't describe how nice it is to have an outlet to document my life's occurrences and events. As small and unimpactful as they may be, I feel like you're all on a visual journey with me as I grow, learn and inevitably make mistakes.

So thank you. For sticking around and keeping me company (and hopefully till the end).

The two of us have been planning for ages to go frequent the Warhol x Ai Wei Wei exhibition at NGV together. But of course, we waited until the VERY last day (literally) to finally pull ourselves together and go. So we went. On the 25th. Yesterday. Queued for 30 minutes. So crowded it was crazy (I guess everyone waited till the very last minute hahaha).

I love having girl days with Bella, it's just non-stop banter and positive vibes with her. One of my oldest, longest and truest friend so it was 100% going to be a brilliant day! 

We ate, we laughed, we saw art and we took photos. 

20 days of delirium

22 April 2016
Hello my favourite people in the world.

Sending you virtual bear hugs and lots of smiles.

It's the 22nd of April today and that means my sister, Shereen turns 18! 
So happy birthday adik (if you're reading this)!!!! I love you so much, more than words can deliver and I can't wait to see you soon. I hope ayah and ibu aren't spoiling you tooooo much back home but who cares, I'll probably spoil you silly when you're here too.

Lots of photos down below (no pun intended) and they're all taken with my iPhone. They're not divided because they're just little outings I've had here and there so its not really one big event, per se. These past few days have been filled with more joy than I can say. So I'll let the photos do most of the talking for me.

Here's a toast - to spending your days with people you're comfortable with and to the people who make you nauseatingly happy. 

Thank you :)


10 minutes by tractor

17 April 2016
I know, I know. I'm only 4 months too late but I just found the memory card and finally got around to editing the photos. Gonna try and squeeze a quick post coz I'm watching Jungle Book later! EXCITING. 

Faiz and I went to 10 Minutes by Tractor on the eve of our 2nd anniversary. The whole course took about 5 hours and we opted for an early dinner (around 6pm) so we could enjoy the sunset over the beautiful winery estate. 

I haven't done a food post in a while so I hope you love the photos like I loved this meal.  

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