mellifluous ecstasy

09 August 2016

Kim's 22nd at Cumulus Inc

Had lunch at Cumulus with the gal pals. Haven't seen everyone that much this year since we're all such busy bees. Always nice seeing everyone.

Got positively stuffed with free-flow sourdough bread, foie gras on brioche, lamb, beef short ribs, barley salad and 4 desserts no less. BIG APPETITE FOR BIG GIRLS.

"I don't stop eating when I'm full, I stop eating when I hate myself" lol

chasing endorphins

Ft. Fulton 

I spend so much time with everyone here, they're starting to feel like a family. They can transform the most mundane, tedious and monotonous task into something happy and radiant. Everyday I feel thankful for being surrounded by driven and contented people, who make me laugh and fill me with the most colourful feelings. 

kylie x colourpop haul & make up

06 August 2016
It is no secret I love make up. Its so fun and exciting, especially when you get to try new products and create new looks. I love spending time with my girlfriends and Faiz's sister, Ika in Sephora, crouched down somewhere and putting a million swatches on my arms. Looking up reviews and youtube tutorials online. I love it! 

I was watching a funny video and this girl said, "people think its all fun and games with make up, but I don't think I'm fucking around when I buy a $50 highlighter." Hahahahaha. PREACH.

This post is 2 weeks too late, since my Kylie parcel came almost a month ago while my ColourPop parcel a little over a week. So let's not waste any time and get straight into it!

a collection of breaths

14 July 2016
3rd post of the week just because I'm feeling a little extra 100%. My 2nd UY challenge of the year kicked off on Monday, 6 week Body Bikini Challenge. This time there's no deposits so you've got to pay $700+ for the program and there's a little photoshoot with your UY team mates after. If 9in6 was more about getting comfortable with cardio and HIIT exercises, the BBC is about lifting heavy weights and working out till the point of physical failure. 

I've lost a fair bit of body fat through the 9in6, so the BBC will be about toning and strengthening my muscle groups.  

Its funny coz I'm already very comfortable with lifting heavy weights from 2013. Its the cardio part that I used to resent and put off but the 9in6 changed that. Now I'm happy with both. 

Got lots of things done this week too, finally moved my dryer from my apartment balcony to above my house after procrastinating the task for YEARS. So now the balcony area is all cleared and I'm gonna spend the rest of this week decorating the fuck out of it. Hehe. Took my sister to the Dandenong Ranges yesterday for a little drive zig zagging trees and for scones at Miss Marples.  

Anyway, below are some pics I took from end of April onwards and just food, outings etc. 


fulton family

12 July 2016
If you're wondering what a "Fulton" is, its actually the name of an apartment here in Melbourne. 
On Franklin St, to be exact. Where my apartment, Milano is.  

So funny story. I've been hanging out with these group of people for more than a year now. Last year, we used to congregrate every fridays and weekend nights after uni at a friend's place a few blocks away from mine. Then this year, the whole lot of them (like 7 people) moved to Fulton which is on the same freaking street as me!!! Its freaking great, being so close to your friends. Literally 4 minutes away (I timed myself, from lobby to lobby). Hahahahah. Plus, Franklin St is the shortest street in the city. 

I'm actually the youngest lol. The only one still in bachelors - all of them completed their bachelor's at Melb Uni (except Faiz) but I only started hanging out with them after they graduated.. Most of them have graduated, working or doing post-grad in Melbourne Uni. So the ones with uni have a muuuuuch hectic timetable than I do because they're all doing architecture, chemical engineering, medicine and dentistry.

 I've been spending lots of time with the Fulton family this year. They make me so incredibly happy and its just always nice to see everyone, everyday. 

Its funny coz even though we see each other so often, photos are rarely taken together. So here are a few that I managed to compile from a few months ago. 

shereen / culinary school

Hello, its been a while :) 

Parents flew down 3 weeks ago just for 3 days to send Shereen to Melbourne for her culinary school. I can't believe my baby sister's in college guys. In my head she's always 14. Its been really nice having Shereen around in the house, less empty and lonely. 

I miss my parents so much coz it was a crazy short trip. They're coming again in August hopefully with Faiz's parents so that'll be sweet. 

I'll try and blog 2 posts today so I won't dilly dally with the banter. 

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